Products I've been loving lately #2


Good afternoon! Sorry its been a while, life has been very hectic of late! I've had quite a busy month, with lots of new beauty discoveries that I cant wait to share with you! So grab a tea, get comfy, and have a read....

So this month, you are most probably aware that Glossier, the cult millennial brand has FINALLY arrived in the UK. Once upon a time, when it was launched in 2014, the much-loved fuss-free yet brilliant products were only available in the US, but the brand listened to its legions of followers, and decided to ship to the UK,which is just about the best news ever for us beauty addicts.

I've been very lucky that I've already tried the enormously popular Milky Jelly Cleanser, and I am totally obsessed with it. I would categorise this product as a gel, non-foaming product, which I tend to use a face-wash, after I've taken my make-up off. It has a pleasant, lightly perfumed smell which is rather like baby powder! Although it doesn't lather, it instantly cleans and makes my skin feel refreshed and glowing. I feel it slightly mattifies my face too, without stripping it of essential oils; as it has a good PH balance. Its £15 for 177ml and the packaging is first rate- it comes with a pump, and we all know how handy they are for distributing the product evenly. I like the simplicity of the bottle; it would look very trendy on your bathroom shelf. 

This month I've also discovered some great hero products, and I picked up the L'Occitane Lavande hand cream. A simple, metallic tube, its not the most jazzy of items, but its such a great formula, that it really doesn't matter. It is enriched with Shea butter and lavender based essential oils (hence the name) and has a neutral scent that both men and women could enjoy. It dries super quickly, and you only need a tiny, pea-sized amount. I love how totally non-greasy it is, so its a great little product to have on your desk or in your bag for nourishment on the go. 

I've had this futuristic style perfume since Xmas last year, but have only got the chance to try it recently. This is Her by Zadig & Voltaire is a musky, woody yet floral scent, with top notes of pink pepper, jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood. The smell is incredibly unique; in that it is quite pungent, and lasts all day, yet has a sweet, fruity essence, meaning its not too heady and still light enough for the daytime. It comes in a modern bottle that is easily transportable, and is super sturdy, meaning it wont break in your handbag. Quite pricey at over £50, but totally worth it if you're in the running for a new perfume and want to try something a little different. 

I know I am sooooo late to the Benefit Galifornia hype, but I decided I needed a fabulous peachy toned blusher and I had heard  incredible things about this bad boy. Plus, who wouldn't love the packaging? I adore the retro illustration and all the plethora of colours featured on the box. No-one does cult box powders like Benefit do they? 

The shade is a sumptuous, pinky-peach, which almost looks coral when blended. It has hints of gold highlighter that pick up the light when applied, providing a subtle sheen that's not too overpowering. And, it smells of grapefruit! 

Windle and Moodie are a totally gorgeous, luxury hair brand, that are extensions of the award-winning salon in London's Covent Garden. I always enjoy products that are actually created by hairdressers, as their extensive knowledge is  poured into their creations, meaning the results are nearly always excellent. I am loving the Light Shine spray. 
It is a non-water based spray, and comes in an aerosol can. Using it feels like the exact notion of using a hairspray, but it's so light and feels incredibly weightless. I lightly spray it over my hair after I've blow-dried it and it gives my mane such a high-shine finish, without making it look greasy. A little expensive, but great quality for your money.

There is nothing I love more than a cooling refreshing skin spray, and this delightful beauty from Mavala is something I've been turning to a lot this month. It's so simple to use, I spray it over my skin throughout the day, and it doesn't unsettle my make up at all; it cools down my skin instantly and smells lightly of apricots! Its contains decongestant cornflower water, which is great for soothing the skin and it instantly deflames any redness. My skin always looks well-rested after I've used this, and I have also been using it as a quick alternative to toner to save time on my skincare routine.

Lastly, but by no-means least, are these two stunning new nail polishes from YSL's La Laque Couture range. I particularly adore shade Jungle Orange, as it is a true, vibrant orange coral that looks INSANE on your talons. It's such an exotic shade that would look fabulous with a tan, and becomes completely opaque in just two coats. It boasts a high-shine finish; which almost looks like a gel consistency. It also dries speedily, so perfect if you want a manicure on the go. In direct contrast, I have been loving brand new addition to the collection- Noir Over Noir. Now this is a pretty big deal, as its YSL's very first completely black nail polish, and its so bold, with an almost dark blue undertone. Deliciously Gothic, it is an amazing Autumnal shade which is perfect for a party. At £19.50, yes, they are extremely pricey, but I find them incredibly chip-resistant and long lasting, so they are well-worth the money. Not to mention the dreamboat packaging just oozes class. 

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