The Easiest Hair Routine Ever...


Curly hair has really made a comeback over the years. But it really hasn’t always been that way. Perms were HUUUUUGGGGE in the 80’s, in fact, if you didn’t rock the permalicious look, were you even alive? Then, in the early 90’s, straight hair retuned with a vengeance. Do you remember when sleek locks were immensely popular? Think Jennifer Aniston, and Cat Deeley. I was completely obsessed with their barnets and spent so much time and effort straightening my hair so it resembled a polka straight curtain. I could have just used my fave  Hair Dryer like I do now, but no, it had to be straighteners.  It was incredibly time consuming; I remember spending a good hour or so perfecting this look. Not to mention the total stress I felt when it rained? The precipitation would destroy all my hard work!! Also, it was unimaginably bad for your hair- all that heat and pressure from the iron. It would always leave my hair completely frazzled.

Thankfully, straight hair is now a distant memory. RIP! Now, there’s been a total about-turn. Not QUITE as intense as the 80’s perm, but it’s getting there!  Waves, curls and tousled locks are where it’s at. There’s a huge array of variations; be it beauty waves, corkscrew curls, lived-in ringlets, crimped ends- they are all so in demand right now. Plus, this type of style is incredibly relaxed and low maintenance- it doesn’t need massive amounts of prep. It got me thinking about my hair routine, and how fuss-free it is. I tend to use the same direction when creating my favourite curls. I wash and condition my hair, and gently towel dry it. Then, I divide my hair into sections, and plait it, securing it with bands. I leave it for around half an hour, then I use my hairdryer to gently diffuse my hair and dry out the root. I’m then ready to roll! Simple, easy, and above all, bang on trend….

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