Mum, I’ve found the one. The foundation of all foundations. Yes, beauty addicts will be well
aware of this illusive product. It’s been well received for many years now; arguably becoming pretty iconic when Kimmy K stated it was her to go to. So, why has it taken me so long to try it? Il tell you why. The £40 price tag, that why! However, I have come to the conclusion that in this long road we call life, you very often get what you pay for. And sometimes, you don’t mind spending that little extra ££, when a beauty buy is this good.

The Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. It really is as good as it looks. Firstly, not only do you get a reasonable quantity, but it also comes with the much-appreciated pump dispenser, meaning one is able to decant the product easily (other competitors, take note- pumps are the sizzle.)

 The foundation itself is literally the dreamiest consistency. Its creamy, light, doesn’t feel at all heavy on your skin, and best of all- its buildable. If I don’t fancy wearing too much, I dot a pea size amount on my face and buff in, and I’m left with a dewy glow, which covers everything I need it to. If I’m on a night out, and I want a more ‘done’ look, I apply slightly more, and it gives that glam, full-coverage finish without looking cakey. What’s great about this, is it contains zero SPF, meaning no ghostly reflection in pictures once the flash has gone off  (ya’ll know how important that is)

A satin, velvet finish, it lasts for ages, and gives you that imperfection-free look.  I use the shade 3.5, which is a warm, yellow-toned, almost biscuit shade. There's a very reasonable 19 shades to choose from; however I would suggest going in to a store to try these out, as £40 is a fair few pennies to part with if you haven't colour-matched. I do find on me personally, it lasts much longer with a primer. Try Benefit's Porefessional. These two together are just total bomb- almost like Pie and Mash, Sonny and Cher, Whitney and Lauren. You get what I’m saying here…

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