august beauty favorites

August Favourites


A little late to the party (as per usual) but its that time of the calendar when I show you my most-loved beauty buys of the month. Ive tried out and sampled quite an array this time, so maybe grab a cuppa before you start!

First up, we have an ingenious discovery from The Body Shop. I had heard great things about this cleansing butter, and when I saw Alex Steinherr mention this on her Insta stories, I knew I had to take a look. Its specifically targeted for sensitive skin, as it contains Camomile, which has known soothing properties. 

This balmy butter is INSANELY soft. You lightly press the smallest amount on to your fingers, and gently massage into the skin. I also wipe it off with a wet muslin cloth, but that part of the routine isn't essential; its just something I personally do.  It emulsifies at the speed of light, and melts off your make-up in a heartbeat. It even works on stubborn eye make up too, and contains some really nourishing ingredients- including Shea butter and sunflower oil, and has a lovely light lemon scent. I genuinely look forward to taking off my make up each day with this. It doesn't leave a sticky residue, and my skin feels so nourished afterwards. Im not mad about the packaging, as the tin lid can be hard to remove at times, but its such  great formula, that I'll let that one slide!

I, like most people, REALLY value my sleep. I never get a full eight hours, probably closer to six. I like to feel my utmost relaxed before bed, and this shower gel is really helping me out lately! Its by a company called Feather and Down, and this range is still fairly new- they launched their collection in May. Their products are blended with Lavender and Chamomile (that stuff again) which are great scents especially for relaxation and have known calming elements. I use the Melting Shower Cream when I have my before bed shower. Once my skin is damp, I apply this creamy substance, gently massaging it in to the skin. It bubbles up so well, giving a truly decent lather, and the smell isn't fresh like most shower gels, but lightly perfumed, which really does make you feel relaxed. I can't quite fathom whether its my subconscious, but the combination of the creamy texture and the scent does chill me out, and I have been sleeping extremely well of late! I love the dark blue packaging; it looks so expensive. And at £6 for a whopping 250ml, its a fabulous, inexpensive treat!

I've always loved the brand Nip and Fab, and these ingenious Daily Cleansing Pads have become a  regular part of my skincare routine this month! The tub contains sixty double-sided pads, that are soaked in Glycolic Acid. Glycol acid (in small quantities) is great for the skin as it acts as a repair mechanism- its actually found in fruit! Gentle enough to use daily, these pads are designed to exfoliate, leaving your skin softer and more plump. I tend to wipe my face after I've removed my make-up with the more abrasive side first, then use the opposite side to smooth over the skin, which almost instantly refines the skins surface. My face always looks so much brighter after I've used these, and the general condition of my skin has improved so much! There are a great, drugstore gem- and are so simple and fuss-free to use.

The Bondi Sands Liquid Gold is something of a tanning legend, and has fast become many people's holy grail product. Despite trying just about every tan on the market, I actually haven't tried this one before; so decided it was high time I gave it a whirl! Hailing from Australia, Bondi Sands has received cult status with this tan, due to the smell. Everyone knows the stereotypical, tell-tale signs of any self tan are the horrible biscuit aroma it gives off. This bad boy breaks all boundaries, as it actually smells of coconuts! Its literally like applying suncream. Its such a pleasant change-there isn't a trace of the dreaded biscuit tin here; its such a fresh, holiday scent! Its super easy to apply too. A dry oil, you simply spray it directly on to the skin, and rub in using a mitt.  It absorbs quickly, and I would say, if you want a natural, golden brown shade, you only need one coat. I tend to tan before bed and wash off in the morning, and the colour pay-off is excellent- its just the right shade. I am still reeling over the smell though, it takes some beating!

I think Soap and Glory's skin care is totally underrated and I have no idea why, as their entire range is fantastic. I already use a face wash and toner from the line, and this Speed Pump All-Day Super Moisturizer Marvel  is the bees knees.  Firstly, I love the clean white packaging with lashes of pink; its signature S & G and will always look good on your dressing table. It contains watermelon fruit complex, which is designed to hydrate your skin in a big way. And boy doesn't it just! This light pink pastel liquid smells absolutely divine- fruity and sweet but not overpowering or sickly. It is quite thick in consistency, but disperses well and sinks in to the skin super speedily (hence the name!) The plant cell extracts that feature in this product act as an anti- oxidant, and my skin does look a lot fresher as a result of using this. My face feels a lot silkier and the texture just looks revitalized. Its one of those products that instantly peps up the skin, and provides an amazing base for make up.

Another Soap and Glory gem I've been obsessing about is the Bright and Pearly Radiance Boosting Skin Cocktail. This swanky transparent tube not only looks just fabulous (aren’t the pearls the prettiest thing!) but is a bit of a miracle worker. You apply it before moisturiser to pep up your skin, and bring it back to life. It is truly like a nourishing cocktail. When you press the pump, the pearls instantly burst. A pink, gel-like formula is released, and the smell is just incredible. It contains lotus flower and rose geranium, and smells distinctively of pink grapefruit. The formula is mixed with radiance boosting luminospheres, which boost the skins appearance as they are packed with vitamins. I find my skin appears refreshed and wide awake in the mornings after I have applied it, and the natural ingredients also mean it doesn’t react with your skin- no nasty additives!

The Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail and Cuticle Oil  has been a regular in my routine this month. Cuticle oil is one of those beauty items that easily gets forgotten about, as it isn’t strictly a necessity. However, this bottle of goodness is excellent. The packaging gives the illusion it’s a polish, but this container contains oil that you can brush on easily. I use this twice a day; I massage it into my nail beds. It sinks in well and keeps my cuticles expertly dehydrated. My nails have been really growing quickly of late, and I feel it’s all down to this product! Plus, you only need a small amount when you apply, so it will last you forever.

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