Products I've been loving lately.....


Thought I would switch it up today! Instead of a July Favourites post (it is mid- August now after all) I thought I would round up some products I've ben totally hearting lately.

I invested in the Hoola Quickie Contour Stick by Benefit, and I am totally obsessed with everything about it! The original Hoola Bronzing Powder has been a firm staple of mine since I was about 17, as I truly believe it's the best matte bronzer money can buy. 

Contouring is arguably still a trend many are wary of. This is largely due to the harsh images we are presented with, thanks to Kim K et all; the lines all over the face, shading, generally looking rather like a tiger in the process! But with this product, it really is totally idiot-proof. It is a very, soft, warm-toned brown shade in a chubby, crayon format. Aside from the sleek embossed bullet and twist up action (which is total #makeupgoals) it boasts a cream to powder consistency, which is soft and buttery on application, and blends effortlessly. Consequently, you never have to worry about applying too much, as its easy to disperse and not too dark. Just draw it on the areas you wish to streamline, and blend! So simple, so effective, and first rate quality. 

Im always in the running for a new scent, and this month I have been really enjoying using the Elizabeth Arden White Tea perfume. Aside from the beautiful, classic white packaging (yes I'm shallow) the scent itself is highly unique. As strange as it sounds, it actually does give off an aroma of tea, but tea in its purest form, as opposed to a builders tea with three sugars. It gives off a musky scent, but is still so light and clean smelling. The top notes are Turkish rose, and Italian Mandarin, so it has a definite fruity content too, which contributes to the overall fresh spritz. It also would look wonderful on your dressing table! 

I sampled the Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes recently, and I have been telling everyone ever since how fabulous it is! As you can see, I have the sample size, and I will be purchasing the full size as soon as its empty. I love the seductive illustration on the tube, and of course the signature rose gold packaging. The brush is an old school design- big, fat bristles, none of this new fangled, plastic, teeth-style offerings here! The bristles are so vast that they cover ever single lash; including all the pesky, short corner ones. Whats great about this, is it's designed that if you want to add more than one coat; your lashes won't become clumpy at all- its a very flexible formula. Plus, it contains marine glycogen and tamanu oil, which encourages lash growth, and provides general nourishment to your peepers. This is why I love it so much; my lashes feel stronger once the mascara has been removed. Its like they have had a moisture bath, as strange as that sounds! It really gives a glam, dramatic look. If you want big lashes and like to give them a flutter, you won't be disappointed. 

Ive been so curious to try an oval make-up brush. They have been all over bloggersphere for quite a duration now, and raved about by many make-up artists, so I decided to take the plunge and pick up this rather nifty number by Pur. It is shaped rather like a paddle brush, with a  large handle that is great for gripping. When applying foundation, I simply pop a dot of product on to the oval brush head, and gently buff into the skin, in the same motion that I would use a stippling brush. Its a different shape to a regular brush, and it works well because the surface of the brush is bigger, meaning its easier to disperse foundation, and quicker. The bristles are super soft and gentle on the skin, and the close fibers give my base a really seamless finish. 

Im really having a Charlotte Tilbury moment this month! Ive been on the hunt for a soft leaded, smudgy pencil for basically my entire adult life, and have never quite found one that ticked all my boxes. The Rock and Khol liner in Bedroom Black is a triumph. It's paraben and preservative free, and has the softest texture, meaning it smudges so effortlessly, giving a gorgeous smoky look. It is so pigmented; if you want a true, boldly- lined eye, simply press a little harder, or the lightest touch gives a more natural look. This is SO long-lasting and doesn't ware off easily; I apply it at around 7am each day, and when I arrive in from work its still intact!

I ran out of my beloved Soap and Glory for Daily Youth Moisturiser  this week (awks) and decided to do a quick grab and go in Boots. I love the Garner Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask, so thought the Moisture Bomb Hydrating Day Cream would be a safe bet. And it really is! It contains pomegranate, so is uber fruity and refreshing, and has a thick, creamy texture that actually looks a little greasy initially, but it sinks into the skin so well! My skin literally drinks up the product, and its a great base for make up.

Lastly, if your searching for a matte nude lip product, look no further! Those clever people at Loreal have recently developed the Matte Lip Paint. These art-class style tubes come with a bud applicator, and formulate well on the lips. You don't need huge quantities; just a pea size amount should do it. It feels comfortable on the lips as it dries semi matte, which isn't as harsh as a total matte finish. It's a creamy texture that doesn't dry out your pout, and is buildable if you desire a more intense look. Ive been using  Off White which is a peachy-nude with a slightly orange undertone. If its a little pale for you, try applying over a darker shade for a unique colour! It's a great neutraliser. 

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