There is something about having a mane of curly hair that just makes you feel SO glam. I admittedly  love straight tresses, but as I get older, I'm simply loving the power of the curl. I am useless at creating bouncy waves however, so was very excited to try the Wonderball Wand, which is part of the uber popular CoCo LoCo range by Lee Stafford.

Lee's products are always packaged so vibrantly and are tres pretty; you just cant help being drawn to the entire range. This wand is a delightful tool- its specifically for gals that love to change their look without the fuss. It can create both relaxed, hippy beachy waves, or wild, corkscrew type curls.

The ceramic barrel is cleverly infused with coconut oil, which actually helps nourish damaged hair, so you don't feel so guilty at using an electrical tool. Winner!

Its soooo easy to use too, completely idiot-proof. If you want loose waves, simply wrap your hair over the barrel, or if you want tighter, more defined curly, wrap the hair between the barrel. Simples! It heats up super quick, has a stand (always useful) and a swivel cord, so all very safe which is always good to know. Ive used this so much lately, and it really is such a pleasure to use. SJP eat your heart out!

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