Banish Those Bags!


I have to be honest and say the absolute bane of my life are the bags under my eyes. Yes, they are of course by Chanel, but they are still bags none the less. How do you go about reducing wretched dark circles? I have recently discovered there are a few tricks of the trade that really reduce the appearance of bags in an instance, and it is my duty to pass on these secrets!

First of all, never, ever scrimp on eye cream. A lot of people don't even bother with an eye product as they feel that their regular moisturiser will do. But its imperative that you use a separate product- the skin around your eyes is so delicate and thinner than the rest of your face. Because of this, it shows the signs of ageing quickly, so always needs separate attention. 

I have been using this little tube of goodness by Nip and Fab. Its a three-in-one formula, that is designed to target dark circles, dehydration and puffiness in one hit. This gel consistency contains Shea butter, which is so soothing, and absorbs into the skin quickly. It isn't greasy at all, and whenever I use it, my eye area feels so much tighter- giving my eyes a much more alert appearance. 

When having a  pamper evening, its a great idea to use an eye mask. My current fave are these under eye brightening patches by Soap and Glory. They are the cutest little pads- and so easy to use. 

They come in a little compact. You simply peel away the protective seal and pop them directly under your peepers. They contain cucumber juice and  fruit extract, in a jelly form, so incredibly natural. They give a really cooling effect, plus you can't feel them at all once they are applied. I leave them on for about half an hour, and afterwards my eyes appear instantly pepped up, fresher, and just generally revitalised. And you cant go wrong for £3.50! 

Before concealer, a great technique to carry out, is to start with a pink colour corrector. Pink tones counteract dark circles, it really is that simple! It may seem strange using a rainbow palette like this bargainous gem by Essence- All I Need Concealer Palette , but it works wonders! This formula is creamy and feathery light, so perfect for patting gently under the eye with the softest touch. Peachy, pink colour correcting products neutralise cool, under-eye tones, thus combating dark circles in a flash. 

Lastly, everyone and their dog knows you need a hard-working concealer to finish off your bright-eyed, bushy tailed look. I've tried just about every single variation in the world (OK, not quite, but you get my point) and I have to say, this one is just superb. After applying the pink colour corrector, I use the Instant Anti-Age Eraser Eye Concealer by Maybelline, which is a triumphant drugstore product. Shaped rather like a crayon, with a  sponge end, it is designed to not only conceal, but also diminish the signs of fatigue and puffiness. Its so easy to apply; you simply twist the bottle, and the product saturates the sponge in a flash- and you can apply directly to the face. It gives a medium to high coverage (in my opinion) blends well, and hydrates the skin. I turn to this concealer every day and it never lets me down- particularly after a late night! Well worth every penny. 

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