Top Three Primers!


Primers. Many feel they just aren't a necessity in ones make-up collection. If you look after your skin properly, there 'shouldn't be any need' some experts say. However, I beg to differ.
It's very hard for skin to be perfect; everyone has large spores at times, not to mention a fresh crop of zits, and lets not forget pesky fine lines. This is where primers come in; they are designed to smooth your skin, improve the texture, and create a great base for foundation. 
There are kerjillions on the market- every make up house has their own offering. So I thought I would present to you, my top three picks, to suit every budget. 

First up, we have the high street honey- Loreal Infallible Mattifying Base Primer. This transparent tube houses a gel formula, which is silicone based and instantly gives your skin the much coveted matte finish. It's best to apply with your fingers; gently bending in to the skin, which will create a smooth canvas to work with. 

It feels pleasant to use, and keeps oil at bay initially, but it isn't the most long lasting I've tried- so it would perhaps be a good idea to add powder to seal for longevity. However, for the budget price, its  a great offering and totally worth the pennies. 

Next up, with have a luxury version from Too Faced. The Hangover Replenishing Face Primer is rather unique in that it isn't silicone based, like many others on the market right now. Its more like a cream, and is truly a delight to use. It contains coconut water, which is so fragrant when you apply it. It is incredibly hydrating; sometimes if I'm in a hurry, I even skip moisturiser and just apply this! It is designed to boost the skins texture as well as creating flawless base, which it totally achieves. I would say this works particularly well on dryer skins, as it transforms the skin really quickly, fixes uneven pores as well as offering a sheeny finish. Great if you desire a fresh, dewy look and dont want your make up to be totally matte.

Lastly, my absolute favourite. Benefit Professional is seen as a beauty Holy Grail for many, due to its outstanding results! The pretty packaging is a given for Benefit- the pastel shades and cute cartoon always make me smile. The product, not unlike the Loreal infallible, is silicone based, but the texture is more balm-like, in a flesh toned shade so it almost feels like you are applying foundation. It instantly melts into the skin, and dries silkily, and give your skin a shine-free appearance. The best factor about this, is that it's so lightweight and effective, particularly if you are having spotty day and want to totally even out your skin. Pricey, yes, but so worth it.

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