Spice Mania!


Bit of a fun, light-hearted post today! So, at the weekend, I saw that a certain Victoria Beckham updated her Insta stories on the gram with her adorable daughter playing with a vintage set of Spice Girls dolls! 

It really took me down memory lane. I, like many girls my age, was a HUGE Spice Girls fan, and had every single one (even Sporty, who was my least fave.) I really liked the sentiment and it got me thinking about Spice Mania back in the day…

Wannabe was released a whopping TWENTY-ONE years ago at the start of this month (God I feel old!)  and I truly do remember it like it was yesterday. That happy-go-lucky song (for me) really signified 90’s pop music; it was iconic and is still played today. The Spice Girls really were pop royalty, putting their name to a whole host of endorsements. I’ve rounded up a few of their most memorable products, and I’m sure any secret Spice Girl fan will remember them like it was yesterday ;)

I remember after PE, us teens would douse ourselves in body spray. It was like a ritual and I distinctively recall the changing room ponging of a variety of scents! When the Spice Girls collaborated with Impulse to bring out a limited-edition SPICE spray, it was bedlam- everyone had a bottle!

Fancied a side of girl power in your lunch box? The gals put their name to chocolate bars, Walkers crisps, and of course, Pepsi. I don’t even like Pepsi but I still purchased can after can! I even saved up the ring pulls so I could get the Spice Girls track ‘Move Over’ which featured in the advert. Talk about marketing genius…..

The girls even had a line of very plush (at the time!) Polaroid cameras! The cameras were super girly, in purple and pink. 

My mum finally put her foot down and refused point blank to get me one- can’t say I blamed her!

Lastly, Spice World the movie. I actually still have this in my DVD collection, and I’m not afraid to say it! Yes, it was absolutely horrendously bad (five girls on a union jack emblazoned bus, travelling around London-really?!) But it was great fun and had a very cheerful, poptastic soundtrack. What’s not to love!

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