Primark Marble Stationary


Ever since I was a chubby little redhead in reception class, I’ve been completely enchanted by stationary. Every new school year I would be BURSTING with excitement to purchase a new pencil case, pens, and pretty notebooks. It was the highlight of my September! Fast forward a few years (ahem) and not much has changed. I adore stationary of all kinds, and there are such a huge array of designs dotted all over the high street. Stationary is almost as trendy as shoes these days! And is the perfect addition to any #flatlay.

So, you can imagine my sheer delight to discover these marble themed beauties from none other than Primark. I have no idea who’s in charge of their current design department, but whoever it is, they are doing a marvellous job. I (like the rest of blogosphere) have a love affair with marble, and this notebook and matching post-it notes are all kinds of beautiful.

 The notebook was a tres reasonable £3.50, and the post-its, a very respectable £3.50. Not bad at all, considering an almost identical pad is going for a cool £13 in Urban Outfitters......

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