April Favorites

April Favourites


I’m not going to begin this post with the exclamation that 2017 is flying by, because I basically say it every blooming month and I know you are all thinking it too. So, there you are! And now it is May, I can reflect on the beauty buys I have been loving for the month of April J

Kicking off with this ingenious mini brush by Denman. This is such an exciting little product- it is actually SCENTED! Yes, Really. The clever brush company have brought out a stunning new line of their adored brushes, that smell of the world’s best-loved cocktails.

 I have Berry Martini, and it truly smells like my fave fruity cocktail- plus It doesn’t transfer on to your hair (not that I would mind to be fair!) I love the compact size, it fits into all of my bags (including my mini bags) and aside from being a fab quality brush that actually does unknot my barnet, it would make the cutest gift.

I haven’t had my nails done at the salon for almost all of this month, and have been trying to look after and grow my own natural talons. I know that nail growth starts with healthy cuticles, and this  Moisture Rehab by Sally Hansen is the business. This glass bottle, filled with a curious, turquoise substance contains black orchid and algae extracts. It’s a thin gel formula that you apply to your cuticles before bed. Massage it into the cuticle beds, and it instantly plumps them up and soothes them at an impressive rate. It’s like a moisture bath for your fingers, and is so simple to use, not to mention quick!

Sticking with the nail theme; there’s nothing I love more than clean, neutral shades, and this colour by Orly is just the right amount of pink, without looking too Barbie-esque. Pamper Me is from Orly’s Breathable range, which is both a treatment for your nails, and a colour. It contains Argon Oil, Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin C which nourishes the nails and enriches them. I love this pearly colour, it is opaque within one swipe and surprisingly chip resistant; (my nails chip to high heaven after a day) it lasts a good few days on me which has got to be a record to be honest.

I reverted back to a classic make up staple this month- Soar lip liner by MAC. Made famous by Kylie Jenner of course, this non-drying lip pencil really is an impressive shade. Not only is a lovely soft pencil that applies easily, it has a great creamy texture, which isn’t too harsh on the lip area and doesn’t make your pout flaky like many liners tend to. I would categorize it is a neutral, dusky pink, with a blue undertone. Kylie reportedly uses it on its own, but I like to blend it with a lipstick for a bit more of a wearable, natural look.

Everyone knows the importance of a good shampoo, and this month I’ve been loving the Vitamino Color range by L’OrĂ©al Professional. It smells strongly of cherries (which I love) and is quite a thick, pearlescent liquid when you first apply it to your damp tresses. It lathers up at the speed of light and leave my hair with that squeaky-clean finish. It claims to remove build-ups, and I do find that my hair gets less greasy in-between washes when I wash it with this. It is recommended for coloured hair to restore shine. I don’t colour my hair, but I do find it definitely is looking a tad shinier since using this. It is over £8, so a bit pricier than your run of the mill Boots special, but you really can tell the difference I’m afraid. Harsh but true!

I spoke about the Clarins Instant Lip Comfort Oil in Tangerine in my Getting Lippy With It post, so you can tell my continued love for this bad boy. This lip gel is such a great item that I have been turning to this month to give my pout lots of goodness. I tend to apply it before bed as an intensive treatment, and it really does plump them up and soften them almost instantly. Its such luxurious treat, and, call me shallow, but it is the glammest of all packaging!

I LOVE the Rosie Huntington Whitely make up range at Marks and Spencer. Obviously, I totally fan girl over RHW, but the products themselves are surprisingly top quality. I have been using the Sheer Finish Complexion Enhancer lately. It’s basically, a lightweight tinted moisturiser, and it really does perk up your skin in a jiffy. I apply it when I’m wanting one of those no make-up days- when I want coverage but oh so lightly. I apply it like a foundation with a buffing brush. It disperses well and lightly covers dark circles and small blemishes. Its non- greasy and absorbs well, and gives your skin a lovely, velvety finish.  I use it in conjunction with a little self-tan on my face for a relaxed, sun kissed glow.

Lately, all I ever seem to bang on about is high street toners! I estimate I’ve sampled just about all of them… This month I gave the Garnier Soothing Botanical Toner with Rose Water a whirl. Because of the enrichment of the rose water, not only does it smell really fragrant and fresh, it really soothes the skin after use and my face feels super soft and supple. Because of the natural ingredients, it isn’t harsh on the skin at all, and is one of those cheaper brands that doesn’t break me out, which is always a winner. Plus, it’s under £3! Who doesn’t love a skincare savior which is also a total bargain? Answers on a post it note…

Lastly, anything that makes my beauty regime quicker and easier is a winner in my book! These OPI Wipe Off make up remover wipes are ingenious! A very simple idea, rather like a generic face wipe, they are stored in packets, and the wipe is saturated in acetone free make-up remover, that gently removes all traces of old polish in an instant. And they smell fresh and clean too, not full of chemicals. I pop one in my bag whenever I'm out and about and they are so handy!

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