The Prettiest Flats I've seen All Year!


Lets be real here. I LOVE shoes. All types; heels, flats. trainers. loafers, you name it. Its the Carrie Bradshaw in me! Designer shoes are my passion, and are something that I save up for, around once a year as a special treat. Tabitha Simmons really are the most stunning, intricately designed shoes out there. They feature an abundance of colours and are always made in a timeless shape. But, at almost £500 a pop for flats, its a little steep. However, never fear, New Look is here!

I almost stopped dead in my tracks when I saw these beauties. Pointed? Yup. Heavily embellished with a  floral print? Yup. And, a soft suedette finish! All for £25.99? HOLD THE DOOR! I just think the detail on these are first rate, and are really rather exquisite for such a low price point. They are super comfortable, and the colours really 'pop' against the bold black shape. 

I would even go as far to say, they are just as nice as the TS version, but for a fraction of the price! New Look shoe department, I salute you.

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