March Favourites


Hello there! We are well into April now, and have almost arrived at Easter. I still can’t quite believe the cold winter months have departed and Spring in all its glory is here.
I have a fresh batch of new faves to show you, which I was totally loving in March.

First up, we have this super-duper bath float from The Sanctuary. This large, chic bottle contains a whopping 500ml of the most sumptuous bath product ever. Enriched with baobab, Vitamin E and freesia’s, it has a wonderful, fresh yet perfumed scent, and it produces ridiculously thick bubbles.

 I find it really soothing, and it leaves my skin hydrated, as opposed to dry like some bubble baths tend to do. Well wort the slightly pricey £10 price tag.

I’ve been getting my nails done with the product SNS (Its basically a safe acrylic, rather like the gel formula) so I don’t really have to worry about my nails looking groomed anymore. However, I still have a bit of obsession with keeping my cuticles in check, and Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go by OPI has been a godsend! It comes in this handy tube with a brush; simply squeeze and the product appears, and can be applied directly to the nails with the applicator. It is a gel like substance that sinks in to the cuticle beds easily, and is enriched with lots of nourishing ingredients. Plus, it smells of grapes!  A great option for girls like me that are always on the go.

I’m a huge fan of luxury skincare brand Nuxe, and I have been applying the Multi-Purpose Dry Oil all month long! This is actually a sample bottle I received at Christmas, but a full-size bottle is around £15. It has many uses; but I mainly apply it to the ends of my hair to seal the ends, and also directly after a bath to lock the moisture in. it has a Moorish, sweet scent and is lightweight and absorbs quickly. Containing plant oils and vitamin E, it is perfect for giving your chosen area a little TLC. I happen to love the glass packaging too- tres chic!

I use toner so religiously- twice a day without fail. I don’t think it necessarily matters how expensive it is; it’s a job that needs to be incorporated into your skincare routine as a finishing touch. L’OrĂ©al have recently released their ‘Fine Flowers’ range, and I was instantly drawn (as usual, rather vacuously) to the pretty pink packaging. The toner has fresh, sweet smell that isn’t too overpowering. It contains Jasmine and Rose- both great for soothing and providing moisture. Its surprisingly light and disperses well. But the best thing about this product, is that its super gentle, so even if you have skin that erupts easily, this will work for you. And, it’s under a fiver! Excellent stuff.

I went back to basics this month, and have been totally obsessing over good old cherry Carmex. The fruity tangy cherry scent is so sweet and Moorish, and nothing coats your lips quite like it! It locks in moisture and is no frills- it just works. I don’t know why I ever stopped using it- it’s one of those products that you know will always be respected as the winning formula doesn’t change. Plus, It’s so readily available!

Boots Botanics is a brilliant range; it’s been around forever and contains plant-based ingredients that are designed to totally rejuvenate the skin naturally. I’ve used the Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm  for years now, on and off, and recently discovered it again. I would say, when you open the pot, it looks more like a thick wax, but once applied to the skin, it immediately turns to oil. It contains shea butter and beeswax, which together are a powerful combination! You apply to a dry face, then, using the cleansing cloth damp (which comes handily in the box)you wipe off the product. It removes any make up you have, and leaves your pores refreshed almost instantly.  A great drugstore gem, and an even greater bargainous alternative to the famous Eve Lom Cleanser.

I love a designer lippy, and this gorgeous shade Tease by Dior is the business! From their new Lacquer lips range, this product is ingenious. Its half lacquer (obviously) and half lipstick, so its not as heavy as regular lip products, and still gives an opaque sheen, so perfect for both the day and evening. It contains enriching oils so an excellent treatment for your pout too. I LOVE the shade; it’s a warm-toned, peachy pink and is a fabulous finishing touch to your face of the day! Expensive, yes, but come on, Dior is worth every penny.

Lastly, admittedly not the most glamorous of items, but this wide tooth comb from Mark Hill is bloody brilliant. The design is great because it means I can detangle my hair when wet- which in short, makes my mane much healthy. Plus, its heaps better than attacking my wet hair with a brush like I usually do. A handy size for your handbag too.

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