Weekday Wishlist #2


Hello there! Second instalment of the weekday wish list, and we are off to a raring start! As usual, it’s a mix of the expensive and cheap as chips- the perfect mix. Variety is the spice of life, after all ladies!

We all know every make-up obsessed woman on the planet loves Charlotte Tilbury, and the wonder woman herself  has extended her line of late; bringing out the much adored ‘Pillow Talk’ in lipstick formation. It’s a stunning nude pink that is so buttery and soft, nourishing your lips as well as adding a hugely rosy finish.

So we all know that Gucci is absolutely KILLING it in the fashion world of late, and everyone who is anyone is coveting their designs. I spied this beaut blouse from Very which is a dead ringer for this Gucci bad boy, at a fraction of the price! I adore the crisp white shirt with the contrasting bold ribbon. Fabulous!

Alex Monroe have some of the prettiest, daintiest pieces ever, and I’ve always been a huge fa of the brand. I adore the kitshness of this daisy ring; it’s a statement piece, but not too overpowering.

Bold, floral prints always arrive promptly at this time of year, and if you are in the running for a beautiful clutch bag- look no further than this bad boy from H and M. Yes, it’s not for the faint hearted, but what a plethora of pinks! An its big enough to fit in the kitchen sink. How could you possibly say no?

Stripes. Stripes. And more stripes. Non-nautical lovers, please leave the building. These stamps from Topshop are beyond divine. They will pep up any outfit, and I guarantee that everyone will want to know where they are from if your brought them.

There are no better luxury candles than Diptyque, (Jo Malone comes a close second) and they have hit the nail on the head with their latest special edition. Just look at that mint green detail! It would look perfect on my bedside table, and the scent will be incredible- (OK, I haven’t actually sampled it yet, but I just know, alright?) Diptyque does after all, have a reputable reputation for the most sumptuous aromas out there.

I wore this frilly wonder in my last post, and I have since discovered they now make it in the loveliest cornflower blue. And I have to invest once again….it would be rude not to right?!

I have resided myself to the fact I will never own a Matthew Williamson dress, unless I win the lottery. However, I can afford this delightful (but utterly pointless) notebook. I love posh stationary, and this one is totally decadent. Excellent!

Lastly, I can’t believe how many incredible pieces Peacocks has this season. There are HUGE amounts of fashion gems! This black, pie-crust dress is no exception, and would absolutely perf with little loafers.

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