Little Primark Picks!


I have spurts of shopping at Primark- sometimes I pop in frequently, other times I forget its even there. On the occasion that I brought my embroidered dress, I also picked up a few other things that may interest you, all for under fifteen pounds! Bargains at their finest.

First up, is this black choker with gold circular detail. I know chokers are so mainstream these days, but I will always favour them. I think they toughen up an outfit, and are an inexpensive way of updating any neckline. This choker was just two pounds and is so sturdy.

I very rarely buy shoes from Primark. Purely because I’m a little fussy with my stamps and don’t tend to like cheap shoes in general. However, these £8 beauties caught my eye and I think they are the cutest thing. A real porcelain nude, these mules have a rounded toe shape, are backless (obvs) and have the most adorable built in bow. Yes, they can only really be worn in the warmer months, but come on- we're nearly there right?! I wear these with my fave pair of jeans and a little knit, and they make me feel very well put together indeed.

I spied this uber cute sweatshirt in the casual section. It is the softest of materials and has a lovely flattering circular neckline. Totally loving the retro lettering. And, it was £5! In Topshop it would be quadruple the price.

Lastly, more chokers, but now a set. This collection is just so kitsch and girly. You get three in a pack;  two delicate, gold plated ones, and one made from a lacy, white material.

The idea is to layer them up, and I think the look is so feminine and pretty. And you can’t go wrong for £3 can you?

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