How to wear tasselled earrings without looking like Pat Butcher


Pat butcher. When you think of the iconic EastEnders character, what’s the very first image that springs to mind? Her big earrings of course!
Statement earrings (tassels in particular) are back on the fashion radar in a very big way. I was rather sceptical of them at first as I, as a rule, don’t often wear earrings, but lately, I've decided to tackle this trend head on, without breaking the bank. Tassel earrings are all over the catwalk, but just be careful. Catwalk imagery can be a little Avant Guard, and not necessarily suitable for everyday life. However, there are huge amounts of tasselled earrings on the high street that would be easy to work into your wardrobe, with a few simple steps.

I picked up these two beauties from H and M, for a very cheerful £8.99 each. They are sold out online currently, but I've visited three separate stores and they are both in stock. They are hugely similar to an Oscar De La Renta pair, for a fraction of the price. They don’t weigh down my lobes, and are excellent quality for such an inexpensive item.

I first wore these to work, and admittedly I got some funny looks at the station, but I soldiered on, and I don’t think I’ve ever had so many compliments in my life!

When wearing earrings like these- the focus MUST be sorely on your ears. So, my advice is to wear your hear slicked back at the front if its long- as long hair and tasselled ear jewellery is rather reminiscent of an art teacher. Also, wear a top or dress that isn’t fussy- stick to plain colours and cuts, or else there’s just far too much going on. Lastly, have fun! Rock a matching lippy, and be bold!

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