The Victoria Secret Style Pyjamas for under £20!


The signature Victoria Secret Pyjamas. You know the ones I mean. The iconic pink and striped set in silk. The ones the illicit angels wear. They need no introduction whatsoever. 

Every. Single. Time I see these pyjamas I tell myself Im going to invest in them once and for all. I WILL buy them, and thats all there is to it. However, there is a glitch in this fairytale. They currently retail at around £70. 

Now, I understand they are great quality, and I'm not adverse to spending lotsa dollar on good things, but these are pyjamas we are talking about people. You sleep in them for crying out loud. And that, is what always stops me from completing the transaction.

Alas, I spotted these beautiful bad boys from Matalan the other day, for a very reasonable sixteen pounds. How incredible is the likeness? They look EXACTLY the same! And if I didn't know better, I genuinely would think that they were the actual VS wonders!

Plus, they are the softest, most comfiest PJs I think I've ever brought from a  high street store. I always buy my pyjamas in a larger size as I hate a tight cut when you're trying to enter the land of nod, so I would suggest the next size up if you can. Definitely give them a whirl , these candy cuties are calling you're name!

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