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Restaurant Ours- the perfect girly dinner date place!


Every few months, a new restaurant appears, and everyone and their dog wants to go and try it out. I rather predictably saw loads of gorgeous pics on Instagram of Restaurant Ours  (formerly Collection) in Knightsbridge, and knew I needed to sample it. Even better, I spied a deal online- three courses and a glass of champs for £28. It would be rude not to wouldn't it! So my gorgeous friend Jess and I decided to check it out immediately.

Ours is masterminded by Tom Sellers, a sublime chef who is famed for Story, a novel style eatery that serves amazing British food in East London; so I had high expectations.

We all know that first impressions count for everything, and you are certainly impressed as soon as you walk in- one is instantly greeted by a beacon of light- a huuuuuuuuge walkway that leads to the main dining area. This sets a tone; it almost feels like the beginning of a magical experience.

The dining area is set up so its facing the kitchen and bar, with fairylights and trees intertwined between the tables. 

The staff were personable and very understanding on the fact I was late (typically!) and seated us at once. First up, I had salmon, which was presented rather like a wreath. The food here is described as modern European, and all feels very refined, but not in a poncy way (always good to know, right?)

It was fresh, and lightly flavoured. In short, delicious, and just the right amount. 

Next up was sirloin steak, which although small, was perfectly cooked, and once again, beautifully decorated on my plate. Yes, a side would have gone down well, but I was saving myself for dessert....

All hail the legendary salted caramel doughnuts. These beauties are without a doubt the BEST doughnuts I have EVER eaten, and truly went down a treat. You get around 6 or 7 per serving (cant remember exactly, I was in a food coma by this point!) and they are the perfect sphere, plus are simply oozing with rich, salted caramel. Classic, simple, yet oh-so effective. Best of all, they come in the cutest fairground style bag. Such an adorable touch!

Instagram addicts like myself will be truly obsessed with all the intricately decorative touches dotted round the restaurant that make amazing photographic opportunities. For instance, on the way to the ladies, I nearly jumped for joy to be greeted by this stunning floral display! Of course I had to document this immediately ;)

The toilets are basically #interiorgoals. Jess and I couldn't believe how gorgeous the palm printed wallpaper and pink tiles were, not to mention the rose gold hardware. We took many pictures and I'm still trying to decide how to convince my boyfriend that we should decorate our bathroom accordingly....

In short, I totally loved the whole evening. The decor and setting of Ours is so dreamlike, rather like a girly Aladdin's cave- its almost enchanting. It doesn't even feel like you are in London when you are here. I've read a few negative reviews saying its rather gimmicky, but I totally disagree. OK, so yes its very styled, but why is that such a bad thing? Restaurants should be fun sometimes, and this place certainly is. The food was light,well presented, and not to mention delicious. Most importantly, the ambiance was fabulous- I cant wait to return! Tom Sellers, its not yours, its Ours :) 

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