January Favourites


Well here we are again! Totally into 2017, and I actually found that Jan wasn't as uber long as I thought?! Anyway, on to the beauty booty. I haven't had the most exciting of month's beauty wise, but theres a couple of new entries, and some products I've rediscovered and wonder why I ever discarded them in the first place!

First up, is the legendary Face and Body Foundation by MAC. I was completely obsessed with this a few years ago, and the other day I decided to give it whirl again and I'm SO glad I did. I grabbed the small bottle, but I wished I'd plumped for the larger now, as I've been using it constantly.

This foundation is water-based; so its incredibly light on the skin, you need to shake it rigorously before applying. I use my Real Techniques buffing brush which disperses the product well. Because it's essentially very liquid in texture, it gives a fabulously sheer finish that positively illuminates the skin. Its super natural; so if you're a full coverage kinda gal you won't be feeling this. It is buildable, but this product is to enhance what you have, making the best of your skin, not  covering it up.

I first tried Mane and Tail way back, when it was still primarily for horses. I remember LOVING the fact it was meant to make your hair grow, but I did find that it never really lathered up well and left my hair a little greasy. Fast forward five years or so, and the whole range has been revamped, made especially for humans to use.

I opted for the Color Protect range. Now, I know my hair isn't coloured, but I always think that sort of formula is great for vibrancy, so I gave it a whirl! It definitely lathers up much better now, and smells like cherries (well, to me anyway!) My hair feels so revamped after using both of these combined. They are enriched with sunflower oils so they have a really nourishing effect on my barnet, and it does appear a little longer!

I've spoken about the Pixi Glow Tonic before, and it's one of those products that despite being pricey, always manages to appear in my basket miraculously, no matter how hard I try to ignore!

This Aloe Vera infused toner contains glycol acid, which removes dead skin cells; plumping your face and making your skin look far more radiant than normal. Its way more than just a toner- it's more like a treatment serum and your skin just looks SO good as soon as your start using it. Expensive yes, but totes worth it.

There's nothing like a luxurious body cream, and you really can't beat Jo Malone can you? I truly love all of the scents they produce, but Orange Blossom has always been one of my special favourites.

I was gifted this teeny pot for Christmas, and think it's high time I invested in a larger version! It has the most decadently thick consistency, yet it sinks into the skin incredibly well. Plus- the smell! It is quite simply delightful. It lingers on the skin all day, and my skin feels so enriched.

Ok, so everyone and their dog loves the Garner Micellar water, and I'm no exception. However, I picked the 700ml offering in Boots the other day, and I was astounded at the value.

 This is the mega mega size, and it's under a fiver! I can't believe the value you get with this, it really is massive. Great product for removing make up quickly and painlessly, and of course, a great size!

Lastly- very boring but I felt compelled to tell you about my latest discovery. Now, I go through cotton pads for removing my make up like there's no tomorrow. And do you know what, they are never big enough. I have to use bazillions of them, its just not very eco-friendly! However, fear no more!

I spotted these in the baby section of Boots- the Extra Large Cotton Wool Pads. They are nearly always on offer ( buy one get one free) and the large pad creates a big surface for removing your makeup, so you don't have to use very many at all! And they are super cheap. Life-changing stuff!

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