Loreal False Lash Superstar X Fiber Mascara- is it worth it?


I’m a sucker for a new mascara; any new ingredient or snazzy fangled effect, and I’m straight there. Fibre lash mascara is something I’ve only ever really seen on Facebook; a few people I know sell it as part of an independent brand. When I saw that L’Oréal had produced the new False Lash Superstar X Fiber, I was intrigued to give it a whirl.

I personally feel that L’Oréal mascaras have a great reputation; they always deliver fab results and have great formulas; I’m yet to try a poor performing one. So I knew it would be a goodun either way.
Its incredibly simple to use, and is quite self-explanatory.  it has a two wands ,the priming end, which has a curled, generic, bristle brush. It contains a volumising substance that is designed to initially thicken your lashes and prepare them. Then, you apply the lengthening fibres with the other end, which loads up the lashes, giving you that wide eyed look. 

So,  is it worth the hype? Kind of. It’s a good quality mascara, in that it applies well, and does indeed give your lashes a truly dramatic finish, but I would say it’s more voluminous than lengthening. I don’t particularly find it any different to my regular Telescopic mascara; it gives a feline look but it’s not ground breaking stuff.

I like the idea of prepping the lashes first, and the texture is incredibly light, so the lashes don’t feel weighty or too heavy, despite the intense volume. I tried to apply two coats, but I find this with mascara, one coat is more than enough, and if you do try to double up, the lashes become flaky.

Worth a try, especially if you want an especially thicker lash line.

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