Best beauty Products of 2016


How can another year be over? I know I’ve banged on about how fast time has been speeding past us all year, but I totally can’t get over the fact we are now in 2017. When I think about how many products I’ve tried this year, it really does frighten me! So, with this judgement in mind, let’s talk about my fave products of 2016. Now, the last thing you want to do is read a lengthy post warbling on about ingredients and all that shmazz- this is going to be light and fluffy, a quick, honest collection of the best products I’ve used all year, and why I think you should invest. Enjoy!

Best Mascara: L'Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara in Carbon Black is just the bomb.

It makes my lashes full, fluttery, and it doesn’t smudge, nor does it leave pesky shadows under my eyes. A great high street bargain.

Best Foundation: Yet another L’OrĂ©al product, but this True Match foundation is a great high-street alternative to many of the high end offerings.

Its light, but with good coverage, gives a sheeny glow without making you look sweaty. Plus, you don’t need cakey powder to set it; it does it all on its own.

Best Lipstick: I’ve used so many lipsticks this year, but my absolute fave has to be Kinda Sexy  by MAC.

It’s a warm-toned, pinky brown and gives you Kylie Jenner’s lips in a jiffy. It gives a gorgeous opaque finish to the lips and is one I return to month after month.

Best Lip liner: I’ve been using the New Look lipliner in Dark Rose, and its brilliant.

A super soft pencil that blends well, expertly lines the lips and gives your pout uber definition. It’s a rich, rosy red that works well with all lipstick colours.

Best Concealer: The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is every bloggers fave, but I can honestly say, it’s one of the items I have consistently repurchased for many years.

A liquid format, it comes in this hand tube, with a bud applicator so it’s easy to disperse and covers everything you got; dark circles, spots, zits, and red marks! Plus, its under £5. Everyone’s a winner!

Best Blusher: NARS Orgasm is an iconic shade is loved by many, because it really is the most stunning of colours- a  pink with flecks of glitter running through it.

The reason its seen as such a cult product is that the rosy tone is flattering on any skin pigment, plus it doubles up as a natural highlighter.

Best Eyeshadow:   This eyeshadow by NYX in the colour Suede is a really natural, milky brown.

 It can be built up if you want a smoky eye, but I prefer to use it sparingly as it compliments your eye without being too overpowering. It lasts for ages too; I’ve had it for months and us it every day!

Best Brow Product-  I have been using this little pot of wonder by Anastasia  for TWO AND A HALD YEARS and it STILL hasn’t finished.

 Dip brow is the stuff of dreams. I use the shade 'Dark Brown';  I apply it with an angled brush, which I wet first, and it creates the best brows known to man, which last all day. Pricey for such a small pot, but its lasted me years so, who even cares?!

Best Exfoliator:  Despite being the summeriest of all scents, I have continued to use The Body Shop Pinita Colada Scrub ALL year round.

It really is a total pleasure to use; not only does it smell of my most favourite cocktail EVER, but it is really abrasive and totally rejuvenates dry skin. I really hope they don’t discontinue it!

Best Body Cream: This quite possibly, is the most stunning, scrumptious smelling body cream, of all time.

Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Body Butter is one that is ALWAYS in my bathroom cabinet. It’s a light and silky cream, yet still uber nourishing and rich, and the smell  lasts on your skin all day.

Best Tan: I prefer a more gradual tan these days, as I don’t really favour that totes dark look anymore.

This beauty by Palmers gives a warm, light brown colour to your skin, that develops quickly, fades naturally and above all, isn’t patchy. Plus, it smells of doughnuts!

Best Face Wipes:  Ok, I want to make this abundantly clear. I only use wipes when I am intoxicated. Which now that I’m old, isn’t too often but even so, this is when I reach for them.

These Micellar Oil Infused wipes by Garnier are fantastic. Because of the argon oil, they are not in the slightest bit drying on the skin, and remove the bulk of your makeup without you having to rub at your skin like a maniac. The wipes almost feel like cloths they are so soft, and the texture is super gentle.

Best Make-up Remover: So, keeping in with the Garnier thanggggg- the original Natural Skin Micellar Cleansing Water is magic in a bottle.  

It dissolves your make up in an instant-very quickly and efficiently; yet your skin doesn’t feel greasy afterwards; if anything it makes it feel squeaky clean.

Best Toner: This toner by L'Oreal  is very basic; there’s no thrills here.

But its grand! Refreshing, smells amazingly clean, and is the perfect, finish to your skincare routine. Its constantly on offer too; I often buy two at once!

Best Moisturiser: I’ve tried so many moisturisers this year, but this cult buy from Kiehl's is just awesome. It is paraben free and has zero nasties in it, and you can really tell. Sounds silly, but I ran out last week and used something else, and my skin did not react well at all.

I can totally see why it’s a signature product from their range; its water retaining and absorbs at the speed of light- it instantly takes effect.

Best Eye Cream: Not everyone uses an eye cream, but once you get past the age of 25, I think it really is a must have item.

This cooling cream from Philosophy is almost like a gel, and the lightweight texture makes it really gentle on your bags. Its pricey, but you can feel literally feel the quality.

Best Bubble Bath: There is no brand like Jo Malone; if you know, you KNOW. Stunning packaging, and probably the very best quality products money can buy.

The signature Lime Basil and Mandarin Shower Oil may be majorly pricey, but it will be the best bubble bath you ever have! (FYI, this may be a shower oil, but it works as a bubble bath pour moi!) Not only does it smell out of this world- (fruity, extremely moorish) it produces the most delicate, yet sumptuous bubbles. A real treat for any hard working gal!

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