Travel Notebook- Mauritius


I still can't believe my much awaited two-week break is over. It was everything I expected and much more. It was a wonderful holiday; I really felt I soaked up the whole experience (as well as the sun, he he.) 

I've received a couple of emails asking about the resort I stayed at and would I recommend it, so I thought I would take the task in hand and whip up a quick post on my accommodation, where's great to go, and everything in between. 

My boyfriend and I resided at the Ambre Mauritius, which is an all-inclusive, adult-only resort. Now, I know some people can be a bit dubious about all-inclusive packages, but this was unlike any I had been before. There were three restaurants with a huge array of food, and I’m not talking about mass produced hot dogs and chips. There were lunch facilities too, and a waiter service on the beach, so there really is no need to worry about hunger pains!

 One of the restaurants was right on the beach and was very romantic, particularly at night. Seafood is a speciality in this hotel, as well as chicken and fresh vegetables. It’s not the kind of place to gorge on sugary, fatty treats, I was pleasantly surprised at how healthy it was.

The rooms were spacious, comfortable and a pleasure to stay in. The mini bar is free of charge and stocked daily which is rather dangerous! I would categorise it as a quiet, peaceful hotel, even though there is nightlife (two bars, open until 1am).

We spent most of the time outside of course; the weather was truly amazing. We had a couple of days of cloud and rain (God, us English HATE the rain don't we) but apart from that, it was wall to wall sunshine. The resort offers a huge pool with lots of sumptuous beds, and a picturesque beach, where we spent the majority of our time. White sands, turquoise waters, and palm trees surround you, so it really does feel like you are in paradise.

We went on a couple of excursions as we were residing for two weeks, and wanted to break up the time a little. 

One of these was a catamaran trip, where we visited Isle Aux Surf, a small, private island nearby that again, boasts picturesque views and lots of water activities. And, the largest lagoon in all of Mauritius.

 I am not really an action gal, so I was very happy to sip a pina colada and read my Hillary Clinton book! There are little bars and shops, as well as opportunities to snorkel and of course sunbathe. All of this can be quite pricey, so it’s a good idea to perhaps invest in excursions as everything is included and you don’t have to spend copious amounts.

We also visited The Ile Aux Aigrettes nature reserve, an island that’s been made entirely a nature reserve since 1965. It is filled with plants and animals that only reside in Mauritius and are found nowhere else in the world. The scenery is simply breath-taking, and its fabulous to be in the presence of these truly unique and special animals. I was astounded by this giant tortoise?! I mean look at it!!

There’s plenty of opportunities to explore and check out the underwater life; there were many elaborately coloured fish, I felt like I was in Finding Nemo!

If you are looking for a totally chilled out holiday with dreamlike scenery, Mauritius is for you. You literally feel like you are in a film, the surroundings are that beautiful, in fact, I don’t think the pictures really do it justice. 

However, its hot; ridiculously hot, so it’s essential you wear factor 50 at all times, and there are a few occasional tropical storms. In all fairness, there isn’t huge amounts to do; so if you like to be up and doing things, you may not relish this type of vacation, but those of you that have hectic lives and need some rest and relaxation; I strongly suggest you book your flights and jet off as soon as you can!

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