The Good Things Jar


Humans. We are funny old creatures aren’t we? I find the mind, and the way it works just fascinating. They say the mind is the most powerful tool you own, and I quite agree. One of the things that astounds me about humans in general, is how much we focus on the negative. With the risk of sounding like a self-help book, there really is no need to be so bloody depressing all the time. Sure, life can be really hard, we all know that. But as a whole, we always seem to dwell on the bad things, and never seem to champion the good. Why?!! Why is this? Who even knows. It’s one of life’s many mysteries.

Anyway, before this gets wayyy too philosophical, I thought I'd share with you this idea I discovered years ago online, and I think it’s simply ingenious. It’s called, The Good Things Jar. Such a simple, inexpensive idea that works wonders. Take a jar, any jar. Decorate it as you wish. Then, every time something great happens to you, write it down on a little piece of paper, fold up, and put in the jar. Do this EVERY time something fabulous appears in your life. Start this cycle from January 1st. Then, next New Year’s Eve, open it, and read through and reflect on all the incredible things that have gone on through the past year, instead of looking back at all the sad things, you focus on the good! Cute huh? And talk about generating positivity. Give it a go!  I can’t wait to start mine.

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