The Fairytale Cake Shop you must visit!


I am always on the hunt for a pretty cake shop spot. What is truly better, than an indulgent slither of cake with a mug of sweet sugary tea? Answers on a postcard.

I visited the rather fabulous Peggy Porschen's last week, and I’m already planning to go again very soon. Peggy Porschen is a high end cake designer, supplying cakes from everyone from Elton John to Stella McCartney.

The pink shop sits quietly in Belgravia- just a few yards down from Victoria Coach station. The pink exterior instantly catches your eye, and really stands out- it’s just so inviting. Inside, the charming décor is truly gorgeous, all white walls, cute displays, and quaint little tables and chairs.

I spent a good 10 minutes pondering on what delicacy to go for, finally deciding on the red velvet cupcake- which is without a doubt is the best red velvet cake I have ever sampled. As you can see, I was delighted with it! What I especially love about PP cakes is they really do taste as incredible as they look.

It’s all about the presentation; pastel tea sets, dainty spoons- the perfect place for a #flatlay.

There are also lots of biscuits, pastries and treats for you to purchase and take away with you for the road- all delicately wrapped complete with ribbons. The whole parlour is full of sweet smells, and the staff are helpful, friendly and happy to help.

The most heavenly cakes, encased within the most fairytale of décor, this place is a true hidden treasure. Visit at once!

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