October Favourites


Its November! My fave month of the entire year. I totally heart bonfire night, the cold weather, and….. it’s my birthday! I don’t care about getting older; I blooming love a good celebration. I can’t wait to chomp on copious amounts of cake with my loved ones! I really hope someone buys me a balloon too. Everyone needs a balloon on their birthday right?

So, time to round up my favourites of the month passed. I decided to switch things up this time- including lifestyle faves as well as beauty booty.

First up, I returned to an old favourite this month- the L’OrĂ©al Telescopic mascara in carbon black. I picked it up because I used to be obsessed with it, and decided I fancied a trip down memory lane.

Well, I can honestly say I have no idea why I ever parted with it! I’ve nicknamed it ‘marvellous mascara’ because it truly is. It has a plastic brush head with tiny teeth as opposed to bristles, and is so great at grabbing every lash- plus the bendy shape means there’s no pesky product build up. You literally need two coats, and it gives a super dramatic, lengthy lashes that don’t look fake and brassy. Each lash is separately defined, and it doesn’t break off throughout the course of the day- it won’t budge until you remove it.

I’ve always been very fond of the original Tangle Teezer- but this month I tried the brand spanking new shape- The Ultimate, in hot pink.

I love this brush, it’s a joy to use. I have long locks that need brushing a lot, and the longer teeth coupled with the softer tips makes this a really pleasant experience. It simply glides through the hair, detangling quickly, and the new shape means you can grip the handle with ease.

Philosophy products are first rate and brimming with quality. I have amassed quite a collection of their items, and this month I’ve been using the Take a Deep Breath  eye cream.

I much prefer eye creams in a  tube; I think you get more product that way, plus its far easier to apply- directly to your face. It’s a lightweight, cooling gel that instantly peps up my tired old eye bags, making them less puffy and fresh looking in a flesh. It smells delicioso too.

It’s so important to whack on a great moisturiser before bed, as we all know, the skin repairs itself whist we slumber. The mega huge Renewed Hope In a Jar, also by Philosophy, is a dreamy offering.

 It’s a really rich, creamy texture, and you only need the smallest quantity as a little goes a long way. It plumps the skin almost instantly, and when I wake up in the morning; my skin is always mega smooth. The scent is quite spicy- and because of the heavier properties, it lasts for ages! Which is great for my bank balance.

Now, I try not to tan too much these days, I’m virtually Queen Elizabeth compared to what I used to be! However, I was feeling so pasty the other day that I decided to give myself some much-needed colour, and opted for The Xen Tan Transformation Ultra.

 This tube contains a tinted, gel-like substance. It lightly develops even after you wash it off, for ten hours! I was rather skeptical about this; I don’t want to end up looking like Amy Childs after all. But I shouldn’t have been concerned, it works with your natural skin pigments so you will never look a ridiculous shade of brown. It has a really pleasant, fresh smell; it dries easily and is fast absorbing. Its infused with Moroccan oil so it’s incredibly moisturising. Plus, it’s one of the only tans that doesn’t actually stain my sheets either- always handy! And, its a weekly product, that actually does last for an entire week- no top-ups needed. I always perform the same application; I put it on before bed using a  mitt, then wash off the next day. I am left with a caramel complexion, with a flattering warm glow. Result! It admittedly is pricey, but it’s a luxury offering that is so worth the high end price tag.

I am deeply depressed that Bake Off has finished. I am genuinely mourning the loss. Wednesday evenings will just never be the same.

 I wanted Andrew to win, but I have to say that Pouty McPout (Candice, as if you didn’t know) definitely was the rightful winner. Anyway, I was very inspired to do a bit of baking in the shows absence, and have been turning to the legend that is Mary Berry’s Simple Cakes.

 I adore this. It’s a very easy, simple to follow recipe book, by the Queen of Baking herself. Step by step, clear instructions that anyone could perform, this book is the business. I’ve already made a coffee cake and a Victoria sponge would you believe, and they weren’t half bad!

Lastly, bit of a decadent one. But I have been wearing my Sophia Webster Bibi butterfly flats all month long and they truly are my favourite pair of shoes right now!

Yes, they are fiendishly expensive, but they are first rate quality- soft supple suede, with beautiful butterfly wings sewn on with rose gold thread. They go with everything from skinny jeans to granny tights; and everyone always comments on them. I feel like a fairy in these, and when in doubt, I always turn to them to inject some pizazz into my outfits.

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