The New Look make up range has had a total revamp, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. I was pleasantly surprised by the sumptuous new packaging; it looks so professional and very expensive. There’s lots of rose gold, sleek shapes, and almost all of the products come in separate boxes which gives it a really high end feel. I’ve managed to sample the entire range, and everything is not only great quality, but also totally affordable, starting from as little as £2.49.

I genuinely loved the entire range, but my absolute favourite stand outs were the lip products. They have liquid lipsticks, handy lip crayons, liners and matte lippies, all in variety of amazing, on-trend shades and finishes.

I especially adored the matte lipstick in Truffle. When I opened the cap, I was a little nervous as it initially looked a bit too gothic-y as it was a really deep dark brown. However, I needn’t have worried- it’s in fact a beautiful, rich, red-toned brown that gives your pout a great autumnal, 90’s 'Kylie Jenner' look. It’s so pigmented, long lasting, and not at all drying; so fabulous for a night out. And at £3.99, what’s not to love?

A great, inexpensive range, perfect for experimenting, and beautifully presented.  New Look, I’m seriously impressed…..

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