Face by Sam and Nic Chapman


Back in the day, before YouTube stars were two a penny, there were the Pixiwoo sisters. Nic and Sam Chapman, two professional, highly qualified make-up artists are legendary in the make-up world, providing in depth demonstrations through their widely viewed videos. Any make up look you need help creating; Sam and Nic are you gals. Not to mention the fact that have over 2million subscribers on their channel, with more accumulating day by day….

I trust Sam and Nic. They know what they are doing, and are exceptionally talented. Which is why I was so eager to devour their new book- aptly titled Face.

Their extensive knowledge, techniques, tools of the trade, and incredible, interesting tips fill this beautiful coffee table book. There is everything you need- handy tips, incredible illustrations and sleek photography.

It’s a great read for make-up beginners, creative artists or anyone wanting to be totally inspired.

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