The Moisture Edit


It’s cold and crisp. The air bites at your skin, you get blown about like Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day, and the central heating is on full blast. Although this is all very cozy, it doesn’t half play havoc with your skin. It dries it out something chronic. So, it’s very important to use extra moisturising products around this time of year, to prevent the great skin drought. There are a few staples I turn to in the colder months without fail. And I couldn’t be without them!

Firstly, I always use a very creamy bubble bath. I am a firm believer that bubble bath really doesn’t need to be expensive to work well. This coconut infused one from Radox cost me a very cheerful 99 pence in Asda (keeping it real) and it produces, light fluffy bubbles quickly.

 Best of all, its ridiculously creamy, and makes the skin so supple and soft once you get out the tub.

Whilst in the bath, I exfoliate with the one and only Salt Scrub by The Sanctuary. This iconic product is the company’s best selling, and its totes obvious why. Not only does it come in a very bathroom-chic container, but also it contains jojoba, almond and coconut oil, so it leaves the skin not only buffed by the salt, but also expertly moisturised. 

It smells DIVINE- citrusy, and moorish. Plus, this beauty is in sumptuous, special edition 20th birthday packaging, exclusive to Boots throughout November.

It surprising the amount of people that don’t actually moisturise their bodies, particularly after a bath or shower. I know it’s a bit of a laborious task once you have towel tried yourself down, but it really is imperative that you do so. Not only does it keep you in tip-top condition, but also it’s a luxurious treat that your skin will thank you for. I use the one and only Creme de Corps by Kiehl's. I purchased this famous cream a few weeks ago, and I completely understand the hype. Its simple, unscented (great as it doesn’t interfere with your perfume choice) and basically there’s no frills with this whatsoever. For such a rich, rather dense cream, it sinks in to the skin speedily, without stickiness, and isn’t at all greasy. Plus, it gets read of dry areas that look like a reptiles behind, and crusty elbows. Yeuuuuch.

Hands are the windows to the soul. Bit dramatic, but you can always determine a woman’s age by her hands. I use another Kiehl's staple; the Ultimate Strength Hand Salve. Again, it’s very similar to its big sister Crème de Corps, but slightly thicker, if that’s even possible. It’s a really intense moisturiser; one dollop covers the entire hand, and you really need to push it all around your palms in order for it to dissolve quickly. Its paraben free, travel friendly, and your hands are literally a soft as a baby’s bum after. A bit pricey, but you can literally feel the quality as soon as you use it. It has a fresh, medicinal scent.

When its ffffrreeeezing, my lips either turn blue, or become severely chapped. It’s blooming awful, and makes the overall appearance of my pout really scaly, like a lizards skin. To prevent this delightful image, I slather on Burt's Bees pomegranate lip balm. Not only does it smell INSANE, it really enriches the lips; coating them in a non-sticky, soothing balm, and it reduces crusty, peeling lips in a jiffy.

Lastly, a good night cream is an essential part of your facial skincare. I have known people to skip moisturiser when they are tired, and this truly baffles me beyond measure. I love Philosophy- luxurious skincare enriched with amazing, anti-ageing ingredients. I’ve been using the Take a Deep Breath moisturiser, and its incredible. It’s an oil free, gel-like formula, so great if your skin tends to be on the hormonal side. I’ve never used a pastel green cream before- but it only illustrates is oxygenating delivery even more- really encouraging your skin to breathe. My skin instantly feels well rested, and I feel it really drinks up the moisture, which is a must on those cold winter nights.

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