The Best Winter Candle of all!


I’m Laura, and I'm a candle obsessive. There, I said it. I absolutely LOVE the whole notion of chilling out- curled up, heating on full blast, wrapped up in a blanket with a bunch of DVDs, with a fabulous scented candle. Much more acceptable now its officially autumn and it wont be long until it gets really cold. Who wants to go out? Staying in is indeed the new going out.

I have just got back from a trip to Grenada, which was simply fabulous.  It was so hot, so beautiful, but by the end of the trip I just knew, to mark the upcoming cold snap, I had to get down to The White Company immediately and pick up one of their most popular candle offerings; Winter. Only available in the latter part of the year-, which adds even more to its notoriety.

I discovered Winter a few years ago. My mum had it burning in her living room, and the aroma it gave off- wow. Quite simply- winter in a jar. I truly prefer it to all other seasonal rivals- including Yankee.

A dead ringer in design to Jo Malone, but not as extortionately priced, this beauty is incased within a sleek glass jar, boxed and ready to go. The smell is just incredible.  A unique blend of cinnamon, spice and orange. The hybrid of a stereotypical, Moorish Christmas scent! It fills the entire room quickly, and makes any space seem totally sumptuous, cozy and warming. I may even push the boat out and purchase the extra large version, all ready for next year!

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