How to dress like a mermaid without looking like an idiot!


So, I’ve been obsessed with mermaids ever since I went to watch the Disney epic ‘The Little Mermaid’ when I was five years old. I remember thinking almost immediately that there were plenty of comparisons between Ariel and myself. She was very feisty (like me) loved to swim (like me) and had long red hair (like me!)

My fascination with the mythical creatures has never really halted, even deepening throughout adulthood.  Every time there is a fancy dress party, you can bet your life savings I will rock up in a mermaid outfit. I deliberately keep my hair long at all times, and I have this thing about shells. I collect them- I have amassed a huge collection. Not to mention coral. Yes, really. Aside from this; I love the iridescent scales, the sea green shades, and the general sparkliness of them.  I sound crazy, but I’m automatically drawn to anything mermaid-fied without fail.

Can you add a mermaid essence to your outfits without looking insane? Yes. I am very confident in this! But, you have to do it subtly, or else you really will end up looking like a creature of the lagoon.
Luckily, sequins and shimmer are always en vogue, but there are some real gems in the shops right now that will help you feel like you should be singing ‘Under the Sea’ at every opportunity.

First up- this fab bomber jacket from Mango simply screams mermania. It’s a real muted gold colour and the sequins are ever so slightly applique, so really stand out. 

I feel like Ariel would SO wear this on a night out.

I did a little squeal when I saw this fabulous shirt in Zara last week. How incredible is the print?

Starfish, bottles, and of course; mermfolk- this print is definitely a grown up kind of illustration, and the lovely cream colour of the shirt would look super with a pair of jeans. 

A hint to the mermaid vibe, but subtly.

These jeans- well. The iridescent, turquoise sequins sewn on to Topshop denim are every mermaid fan’s dream. 

Wear with a simple white t-shirt and strappy nude sandals, and you have yourself a very unique outfit indeed. The closest thing you will ever get to actually wearing a mermaid tail outside your bedroom!

Mermaid blankets are everywhere this autumn, all ready for the annual Christmas wish list. I have one (obviously) that my boyfriend brought me a few months ago. 

It really is the most ingenious of ideas- and perfect for all those cosy nights in. I adore the pale pink tones of this ASOS offering.

Everyone knows that the fishtail cut is the most flattering when it comes to glamorous gowns. 

I adore this Missguided frock; the sumptuous cream shade, together with a bandeau cut and of course the swimmingly fabulous hemline is the perfect mermaid shape- great for all those Christmas parties you are going to be attending…

Lastly- this scallop shell bag by Skinny Dip is beyond kitsch. Pink, adorned with glitter and oh so cute, it’s a novelty item that can be styled in a chic way. 

I would wear this with a little black dress, black heels, and this bad boy hanging delicately from my shoulder, to add a pop of colour. Sebastian would be impressed

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