Book Review

You need this book in your life!


So. This book. I ordered it last week. Its only just arrived, and I am already over half way through. Granted, I haven't finished it just yet, but I’ve read enough to tell you that you simply MUST buy it.

I tend not to be the kinda gal that goes for self-help books (bar The Secret of course) however The Life changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k gives a really humorous, yet practical take on organising your life and understanding the importance of your own true happiness.

Sarah Knight teaches you to recognise the things you truly care about, enlist them in your mind, and very simply, f**k the rest. Unwanted obligations, people you would really rather not spend time with, what others think of you, what you look like, body image, offending all and sundry-STOP with all that. Its called the ‘Not Sorry’ approach. Not being sorry for not caring about idiotic things that mean very little to you, and are an inconvenience on your time. Mentally declutter your mind and focus on you.

I personally love the unique, playful way it delves into exploring really quite vital topics that exist within human nature, in a truly hilarious way. No, its not rocket science, no, its not anything particularly new, but it makes such perfect sense.
Is there any need to state the F word however? Yes, I think there is. Ok, so F**k isn’t the most inviting of words, however I think it's a vital selling point; it really illustrates the philosophy she explores, plus it becomes an affectionate type of term, one that just wouldn’t be the same if you eradicated it and added ‘damn’ or ‘crap’ -its just not as expressive!

Give this book a go. It’s a giggle! Cracked me up, and has a lot more substance than you would think. And I don’t give a f**ck if you disagree. He he ;)

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