Book Review

There's a new colouring book on the block!


So everyone and their dog is aware of the whole colouring in phenomena. Its literally one of the most increasingly popular trends ever and most people have an opinion on it. Many instantly dismiss it as a load of marketing rubbish, others rave about it being uniquely therapeutic.
Ive spoken about my feelings on the art of colouring before; and my opinion hasn't  budget. I adore the whole principle of it. Although its extremely hard to find the time to actually sit down and partake in it, once you do, you won't ever look back. Its so calming. Concentrating on creating a lovely work of art with a plethora of shades really relaxes you; plus it takes your mind of your daily woes. Many see it as alternative therapy.

Combining this with my love of fashion, meant I was so excited when I saw this fabulous offering from Laura Hickman. The most beautiful pastel pink book, brimmed with the most intricate of pictures; be it  boho outfits, classic luggage or seventies flares- heck, theres even a pair of Valentino Rockstuds! Perfect your flat lay with every shade under the rainbow.

A must have for every fashionista- #OOTD is available now from Amazon

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