The Perfect Autumn Lipstick


Its colder. I swear its darker when I've been waking up for work. Ive seen a few crusty amber leaves on the ground. Pumpkin Spice lattes are back in Starbucks. That can only mean one thing- Autumn is back with a vengeance. I actually much prefer the colder months, always have. The suns great and all, but give me a cold and frosty morning any day.

With a new season, always comes a new lipstick in my book. And what could be better than a magical spree at MAC, where I invested in the delightful Kinda Sexy.

Kinda Sexy has been given quite a lot of recognition the past few years- its a nude, terracotta colour, with flattering peachy undertones. In short, the perfect shade for Autumn! Part of the 90's lip 'set', its a ridiculously easy to wear lippy; suitable for all skin tones due to its lovely warm tendencies. It has a super matte finish; zero shine, so ensure your lips are well prepped before applying as it can cling to dry patches.

Its fiercely opaque; one swipe is enough to cover your entire pout efficiently. It has a watered down coral effect to it, which is great for both the daytime,and an evening make-up look. I'm really quite obsessed with it! I often use it teamed with NYX Bedsorelipliner to give it an added rosy tint. 

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