The best 99p you will ever spend!


Tissue and sheet masks are incredibly popular. Originating from Asia, they were once upon time extremely hard to get hold of. Everyone is always banging on about them; they repeatedly feature on my Instagram feed as an intense moisture evoking item. Always one to jump on the bandwagon; I was delighted to discover that Garnier have brought out their own offering - theMoisture Bomb Tissue Mask . I was astounded at the price- £1! Talk about a beauty bargain.

So, whats it all about? Well, after you have cleansed and toned your face, and its completely dry,  simply open the foil packet, take out the mask, unfold it, and place it on the silhouette of your face, pressing it down gently. Then, lay back and relax. Granted, you will look like a creepy horror film extra, but who cares in the name of beauty! You will notice the texture of the mask is wet on application- that's because it holds a whopping week's worth of hydrating serum, meaning it really does give your skin a lovely, rich treat in a flash. Its loaded with hyaluronic acid, and pomegranate which sound like quite a random combo- but totally feeds the skin, plumping it up almost immediately which is so impressive for such a cheap item.

I would say because the mask is so rich, its an excellent weekly treat for the face; especially if you have oily skin. A great relaxation mechanism, you are forced to keep it on for 15 mins, so its a fab tool for a total pamper session. Because of the huge volumes of product that's encased within the mask, its an ingenious item to take on long haul flight also.

Cheap as chips,cooling and calming on the skin, stocked everywhere, whats not to love? Give it a whirl! Its hardly going to break the bank.....

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