How to dress for a wedding


I have lost count of the amount of weddings I've been to this year alone. I've seriously attended about 10! No joke. I'm not moaning as I really do love a wedding. Aside from the happily ever after thang, from a creative perspective; its just the best. The cake, the bridal outfits, the centre pieces, the food menu- everything! I actually was an intern at Conde Nast Brides magazine back in the day- which as you can imagine,completely fueled my wedding love.

Anyway- dressing for a wedding. There five golden rules that I always abide by, and these are basically the wedding law. 

Comfort. Do not rock up to a wedding wearing a ridiculously tight frock that you can hardly breathe in. You are going to be guzzling champagne, plus eating a lot, and we all know how that feels in a too-tight dress. Bloating doesn't bode well in a number that doesn't fit you. Equally, don't wear something that is shapeless and you aren't sure on- you're inevitably going to be in a truck load of pictures, and those bad boys will be in the album forever.  Just wear something you feel good in. 

NEVER wear white, or cream. I don't care what anyone says; cream/white/off-white/creamy-white, whatever you want to call it- don't even think about it. It's the colour that is reserved exclusively for the bride, not you. I've been to numerous weddings where ladies have ignored this rule, and it is the height of bad manners. Blush pink and nudes, yes, blanc- NO.

Always step out in comfortable shoes. I once wore a pair of very expensive designer shoes (the brand shall remain nameless for now) and by the speeches, I quite simply had to remove them. It was not my finest hour....

Don't be too sexy. Everyone wants to look their best, but flashing too much flesh is not appropriate. If you want to get your boobs out, go to a nightclub. Weddings are a family event- if you wouldn't wear the dress in front of your nan, don't wear it to a wedding! Simple.

Lastly,enjoy your outfit! Fashion above all else, is fun. Weddings are a fab excuse to dress up, wear romantic colours and feel pretty. Live in the moment and take loads of pics!

If you are looking for trendy, pretty dresses on a budget, head to ASOS. They have a whole wedding section which is so extensive.  I wore this beautiful maxi dress to my friend Alex's gorgeous wedding on Saturday.

As you can see it has a mix of lovely pastel colours and showcases florals, was incredibly comfortable and a great, flattering cut. Its in the sale too!

1. £58, ASOS
2. £52, ASOS
3. £75, ASOS
4. £58, ASOS
5. £99, ASOS

If you want something extra special, go to Needle and Thread. If you are looking for beautifully designed frocks with exquisite embellishment, this brand is for you. The dresses are pricey, but they are so well made, and despite the glitz, they are timeless. I adore this brand and have a few of their ensembles in my wardrobe. If you cant quite afford the prices, eBay often has a section if you dot mind going second hand.
1. £285, Needle and Thread
3. £375, Needle and Thread
4. £185, Needle and Thread
5. £225, Needle and Thread

As always, accessories maketh the (wo)man, and Accessorize do the best selection of statement clutches.

1. £35, Accessorize
2. £49, Accessorize
3. £45, Accessorize
4. £35, Accessorise

Shoes- As much as I adore Louboutins, they hurt me too much for long duration. I find New Look do great, on trend shoes, at purse-friendly prices!

1. £34.99, New Look
2. £27.99, New Look
3. £19.99, New Look

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