Get a great blow dry without a hairdryer!


As much as I thoroughly enjoy pampering myself on a regular basis; I find some beauty tasks rather laborious. These include applying fake tan (one of my pet HATES) and also blowdring my hair. I quite frankly, can never be arsed. Because my hair is a lot longer these days, it takes blooming ages. Id rather just wash and go to be perfectly honest.
But, as much as I hate it, a good blowdry makes you appear instantly more polished. You just look a bIt more done.

Ive actually found a really rather incredible product that gives me a fab just stepped out the salon finish, without ever plugging in my Remington D5220.
Step up this bad boy from the luxurious people at Bumble and Bumble. The Don't Blow It (H)air styler. Its the stuff dreams are made from! This sky blue tube contains a large quantity of a cream-like substance, which is smooth textured and smells delish as it contains prickly pear and cactus flower extracts. So, wash and condition your hair, and then simply distribute the cream to your locks. I don't apply it to the root, just from the nape of the neck down, using a 50P size amount. I find if I gently twist my hair round as I work it through, I get more of a boho, wavy finish. Then, just go about your way! You will find your hair dries super speedily, and its as though you have dried it using a tool. Also, because the cream is really lightweight, it doesn't weigh down your hair either; and you don't get that nasty sticky mess that tends to come hand in hand with leave in products. Its just brilliant! 

Ok, so don't expect  Kate Middleton bouncy curls, but a rough blow dry with a silky finish is what you will get. I love how fuss free it is; such a simple procedure and knocks so much time off your daily routine. No heat- no hassle! 

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