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The Prettiest Places to go for Cake in London


Cake. Without a doubt, the most delicious desserts in all the land. Who seriously doesn’t like a bit of cake every now and again? Anyone out there? Anyone?Thought not.
My obsession with cake and all things sweet started from a very early age, and has long continued into adulthood. In fact, one of the best things about birthdays is undoubtedly the cake. It’s very simple.
There are so many places to go for cake In London, and they are nearly all super pretty. Cake seems to go hand in hand with pink décor, a fabulous tea set and instagrammable images. Where you eat cake is almost as important as the product itself.
I have compiled my top 5 places I think any cake addict should definitely visit, whether it be for a special occasion, or simply for a sugar rush.

1.     Cutter and Squidge is a relatively new establishment, in heart of Soho. Super easy to get to, it’s a little shop with various seating, light and airy, and houses the most visually outstanding cakes I’ve seen in ages. 

The dream cakes are magnificent- large, brightly coloured, and full of cream that just melts in your mouth. I had a large slab of the salted caramel dream cake, with a matching salted caramel hot chocolate, and it was divine. 

Its has a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, and a fab place for a catch up.

2.     The Primrose Bakery, is renown for being one of the original cupcake shops. The location I’m babbling on about, sits quietly in Primrose Hill, (there’s another larger store in Covent Garden) and the smell that hits you when you initially walk in, is out of this world- the epitome of a sweet scent.  

The décor has a lovely retro feel to it- neon signs, whitewash floorboards and pastel, American diner style tables. Its homely, cosy, and great for stopping by, with a good book, pot of tea, and of course, a scrumptious cupcake (or two.) 

Because it’s quite small in size, it can get busy at the weekends, so be prepared for a bit of a wait. A fun fact for you all-Jude Law has been quoted as saying ‘I defy anyone to find a better cupcake.’ about this place. Enough said!

3.     The Ritz is seen as a truly classic place to eat in every sense of the word. It takes months to get a reservation for the most famous afternoon tea in London, but boy, it’s worth it. The settings are just…. Incredible. High ceilings, gilded beams, and luxurious paintings are main features in the Palm Court, and a live harpist performs as you dine. 

Extravagance at its finest.  The cakes are hand crafted masterpieces, the scones first rate, the selection of teas formidable (a choice of 17 to be exact.) Yes, this is definitely something that should be saved for a major treat, but they say afternoon tea at the Ritz is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. I couldn’t agree more! Plus, make sure you stop off to freshen up in the Powder Room. 

It really is #bathroomgoals.

4.     The iconic Paris Patisserie Laduree is recreated in Covent Garden, positioned on the very edge of the piazza. It’s small in size, but perfectly formed. 

It has both an outdoor balcony seating which is just fabulous on a sunny day, as well as tables luxuriously placed inside. The beautiful pastel green and white colour scheme gives it a true kitsch yet uber stylish feel that is beyond cute. 

The gorgeous cakes and pastries are indeed French infused, and the tea is served in matching pastel cups. Of course the macaroons are legendary, and I insist you simply MUST take a batch when you leave to devour on your way home.

5.     Lastly, but by no means least, is the wonder that is Sketch. I adore Sketch. The quirkiest place in London that everyone marvels at. And the funny thing is, it looks relatively normal from the outside, very unassuming. Oh how one can be deceived! Once you enter, each room has a unique theme, but the two rooms that stand out to me, are the notorious Gallery, where afternoon tea is served, and of course, the toilets (more on those in a mo!) 

The Gallery is 1930’s themed. I love the high ceilings, marble floors and rose gold accents, not to mention those velvet chairs. The walls are adorned with unique artwork by the man that designed the décor- David Shrigley, which is a definite talking point! The cakes are immense. Not only are they served on plates with unique little slogans on them, but they taste divine. I strongly recommend the blueberry éclair, and the dark chocolate and cherry dessert. 

Once you have finished, its mandatory to go and get a selfie in the iconic toilets. You just HAVE to.

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