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The Luxe Life by Fleur de Force


I can be rather shallow when it comes to literature. I, more often than I would care to admit, pick up books purely beacause I like the look of the cover. There, I said it. All those years at Uni reading, and now, I just take a glance at a pretty cover and bam! I’m hooked.

A case in point, is Fleur de Force’s newest offering. One of the world’s super bloggers, Fleur presents the follow up, and slightly more grown up version of The Glam Guide, her first venture.  The Luxe Life is a beautiful, coffee table book that is perfectly presented. The rose gold spine, gorge pic on the cover, and stylish calligraphy all scream a very chic read indeed.

Filled with the most striking pictures, this guide is about making your life that little bit fabulous, regardless of budget. It concentrates on the finer things in life; making your home sparkle, extensive fashion and beauty advice, DIY gift ideas, great recipes, and making the most of what you have, but jazzing it up a little, in easy, super-stylish ways.

I personally love some of the recipe ideas, and tips on how to host a great party, as I love entertaining. The highlights for me are the ingenuous martini glass pudding, sumptuous ombre petal cake, and the DIY embellished bikini!

One of the things I greatly admire about Fleur, is she isn’t a simply an overnight ‘Instagram star’ plucked from obscurity. She’s been blogging and making YouTube vids for years, long before selfies and sponsored content was ever invented. I like that about her; she’s worked her way up all on her own. She’s knowledgeable on products and trends, and I trust what she says. She’s achieved phenomenal success, and I salute her.
The Luxe Life  is available from all good bookstores and online now

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