Mr. Blanc Teeth Whitening Strips


Everyone wants white teeth don’t they? Most people love that mega-watt toothy look, and that all-American style smile is always on top of the beauty want list. Whitening strips used to be only really available in the States once upon a time, but now, lots of brands are cropping up with their own offerings that are readily available.
I picked up the Instagram loved Mr. Blanc strips from Boots a few weeks ago, and I didn’t mind too much about parting with £25 for a pack of 14, as well, you know, people are always banging on about them.

I have to say, they work incredibly simply. You have two strips- a longer one for your top set, and a shorter one for your bottom set. Ensuring your teeth are bone dry first; simply peel off the strips, apply them directly to your teeth, press them down, and leave for half an hour.
Once the 30 mins is up, you peel off the strips and dispose of them. It’s a bit of a yucky process; you may find a bit of excess gel residue is left from the strips. I simply rub this on to my teeth with a cotton bud. The strips are handy as they can be used on the go; but I often do this process right before I go to bed.

The results pleasantly surprised me. First things first, I was extremely worried they may make my teeth sensitive, or, worse still, yank off half my enamel. But they really don’t. The great thing about this product, is it doesn’t have any peroxide nastiness in it, so your teeth wont feel like they are on fire. Plus, they are sold in Boots, which always relaxes me.

So, do my teeth look whiter? In a word, yes. But, I must be completely honest with you all- I have had my teeth whitened. Now, it was 6 years ago, and they are definitely not as white as they use do be. As a lover of peppermint tea, coffee, and staining foods, they were never going to stay whiter than white for long. So I guess, that would have given me a head start. That being said, I think the strips really do make your teeth look whiter quickly, but in a subtle way. I wouldn’t purchase these and expect them solely to make a difference; I personally think they work best alongside an electric toothbrush. The combination of the two really will make your teeth countless shades brighter, and fast. The strips kind of give your teeth a handy leg up- a bonus extra if you like.

So, yes, they work, but use them as part of your teeth-cleaning regime, and don’t expect absolute miracles; you’re not going to look like Ross from Friends overnight. But, it will improve the overall appearance of your pearly whites, and quickly make your smile look that little bit prettier.

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