July Favourites


This year is passing by at such an alarming rate-how on earth did it get to be August?! I have a few favourites from July that I thought I would round up; there are some new bits and bats, plus some old favourites that have fast become staples in my everyday beauty routine.

First up, I’m all about the lip liner, and this NYX Slide On Lip Pencil has been permanently on my lips all month long. The shade Bedrose is a blue-toned pink and has such a pleasing texture- it indeed does 'slide' on easily, and gives a great colour payoff. 

It can be used in place of a lipstick- simply line the lips and fill them in, adding a bit of lip balm over the top to stop drying. Its waterproof too, so great if you have a night of eating and drinking ahead of you.

I blogged about the RapidLash eyelash serum earlier this week so I wont bang on too much, but it has literally saved my life lately. My lashes have really recovered from having eyelashes extensions removed due to this stuff- and I cannot stop shouting from the rooftops how good it is. My lashes have really grown since I’ve been applying this each evening, and although it’s a pricey item, its well worth the expense.

There’s nothing quite like neutral nails, and I adore this shade by Nails Inc- Mayfair Lane. It’s a gel effect polish, so it really does look as though you have just treated yourself to a gel manicure. 

You need just two coats to create an opaque finish. It dries speedily, has a wide bristled brush and the colour itself feels so sophisticated; it’s a true pastel-toned pink, which is great for everyday wear.

The Pixi Glow Tonic has been around for a few years now, and has quickly earned cult status. Its known as an oxygenating and exfoliating tonic, and it lives up to all expectations. Its alcohol free, and contains Aloe Vera, which is great for soothing the skin. 

It has a whopping 5% glycolic acid inclusion, so essentially it removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin tighter, plumper, and more radiant looking. The best thing about this, it doesn’t just sit on the skin, it really absorbs right in almost instantly.  I would say this is so much more than a toner; I feel like it’s a watery serum- it improves the overall condition ad look of your face as soon as you start using it.

I’ve mentioned this cream numerous times before, but I just can’t help it- I truly would be distraught if it was ever discontinued. 

The Manuka Doctor Cashmere Touch Cream contains purified bee venom and leaves my skin feeling so soft and supple. It’s light enough as a regular daytime moisturiser, and still nourishing enough to repair your skin at night. It smells so clean and fresh, sinks in to the skin well, and is a great base for makeup.

I always lean towards instant tan now, as I find it’s just not as harsh as some tans, and the application is completely idiot free. Plus, it doesn’t stain. 

From Rimmel's cult Sun Shimmer Range, this muddy-like formula blends effortlessly on to the skin, and leaves your bod streak-free and subtly brown. This version however, contains a hint of gradual tan too, so once its washed off, you are not left with pasty pale skin, but a hint of colour, which is a win win situation in my book!

Now that my eyelash extensions have gone I’ve had to invest in mascara again for the first time in almost two years. I had heard great things about the False Lash Sculpt by L’Oreal, and decided to give it a whirl. 

It’s rather unusual as the bristles are very short, and the comb itself is plastic- it doesn’t look like it would actually be able to coat your lashes at all. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth- its fantastic. The slim tapered end is so narrow, meaning it grabs every lash, including those short hard to reach ones in the corners. It gives your lashes the most dramatic look; combing the mascara from the root to the tip enables you to have the loveliest fanned out appearance, that doesn’t clump or smudge. I’m in love!

Lastly, I’ve been prepping my skin a lot recently, and I’ve been totally hearting Superdrug’s Vitamin C Boost Body Butter in Mango and Papaya

I was drawn to this as I love summery fruits like these, and the smell is so Moorish; sweet, fresh and has the most delicious aroma. It’s a rich cream, so great for giving your skin much needed TLC- plus it absorbs well and isn’t greasy. It’s really similar to The Body Shop body butters, but slightly cheaper. 

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