august favourites

August Favourites


Woooahhhhhh it’s nearly the end of summer. I feel like its over before it even began. You know what will be next- cosy nights in, pumpkin spiced lattes, dark evenings, warm-knitted jumpers…Autumn! I can’t pretend that I’m sad about this; I love that later end of the year. But I admit I will wistfully miss the short-lived summer months.

So!  A fresh new month is almost upon us, which can only mean one thing, reflecting on the products I have been loving. There’s quite a few so grab a cuppa!

I ran out of my beloved Manuka Doctor Cashmere Touch Cream, and it wasn’t available in my local Holland and Barrett (where it’s exclusively stocked) at the time of purchase, so I had to run to Boots on a whim. I had heard lots of great things about the much loved- Embryolisse Lait Cream Concentrate Nourishing Moisturiser  (phew that was a long one!) As it’s loved my kerzillions of celebs. Parafen free, lightly perfumed (but not too much) it has a light texture, yet is ultra creamy. When you first apply, you may notice that your whole face resembles a snowman, but once you’ve rubbed in the product, it sinks in so quickly, making your skin instantly super soft. I love the simplicity of it- you always find French skincare just works. The French pharmacy staples are always excellent products, and this is no exception. I’m so glad I popped it in my basket!

I decided to switch up my cleansing this month, and ventured into the Nivea range. I picked up the Daily Essentials Sensitive 3 in 1 Cleansing Water, and instantly liked the simple and generously sized packaging. 

It works like every other miceller water on the market; dissolves your entire face of make up speedily and effectively, and because its part of the sensitive range, it helps reduce redness and gently soothes the skin. Plus, its under £2! What a result.

I wont talk about this mascara too much as I did do a full review last week which you can read here, but I haven’t stopped using it all month and it really is the shizzle. 

It coats every lash quickly, and gives full, dramatic lashes that curl up in the most fabulous fashion. I heart it.

I’m a huge fan of NYX- such an affordable brand with just as much quality as any high-end offering. I’ve spoken about my love for the Lip creams here but I tried the shade London this month and I really think I’m on to a winner. 

It’s lighter than the cult fave Abu Dhabi; it’s a more peachy tone nude with terracotta undertones. It dries speedily, gives a full coverage colour to the lips and boasts a fabulous, on-trend matte appearance without drying out your pout.

I decided to try a different liquid concealer this month. I normally stick with the Collection lasting perfection concealer, but for a change I purchased the Seventeen Stay Time Concealer. This incredibly creamy product is so blendable; it melts into the skin and feels extremely hydrating. I have to confess I don’t think it lasts eighteen hours as claimed on the tube, but on me it lasts a good 6 without a touchup, which isn’t half bad; especially for a girl who has under eye bags bigger than a bag full of clobber from the Zara sale…..

You are either a highlighter girl, or you’re not. I, obviously am. I have numerous offerings in my make up box, and I’m always on the lookout for one to add to my collection. I actually brought this Candlelight Glow by Too Faced AGES ago, and never actually used it. Mental right? 

And now, the packaging has changed, as has the product- its been revamped. So it does seem rather pointless reviewing this, as you can’t buy it anymore. FML!!! What I will say is the buttery soft finish is a joy to use; I lightly dust it in the regular areas such as the cheekbones, and down the ridge of the nose. It’s a warm, flattering powder with a soft, almost velvety glow. I’m going to use this very sparingly from now on! You can buy the updated version here.

Now, deodorant isn’t the most salubrious of products to discuss, it stops you sweating and that’s that. But, I have to mention this little bottle of miracle stuff. I am not a particularly sweaty girl, but I do rush around London all day, so yes, some times I may perspire…. This deodorant by Nivea is quite possibly the best one I have ever tried. 

So-called black and white as you wont find the build up residue and pesky stains on your garms after applying. I have to say, this is true, and I have noticed it doesn’t stain any of my clothes at all! I have to disagree with the 48 hour thing though- why would you want a deodorant to last that long?! That being said, it def lasts all day long without a top-up, dries quickly after application, and smells grand. Win win!

Lastly, you may have seen on my Facebook Page that my beautiful Kiko bronzer smashed. I am still mourning it to be perfectly honest as it was limited edition :(
Alas, on my usual Boots haul, I picked up this bronzer by brand of the moment NYX, and I haven’t looked back. 

A generous sized product, I choose the medium shade, and what I love about this is that it stays totally true to its namesake- its completely and utterly matte; absolutely no sparkly particles, not one hint of shimmer. I find the shade to be a rather deep rustic brown, which is yellow-toned, meaning it gives a warm, natural payoff. Its smells pleasant, is relatively long lasting, and blends well. Plus, at £7, it certainly wont break the bank!

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