A Brilliant Mascara You Should Try...


Like all women, I’m constantly in the running for a new mascara, and being that L’Oreal seem to have the best reputation for well-performing formulas, I thought I would give their latest offering a whirl.
The Volume Million Lashes mascara has recently launched the Fatale version, which is part of their ‘family’ of mascaras from this range. I was instantly drawn to the metallic and purple packaging; and the fact the tube is chunky and bold.

The brush is actually quite deceiving- it is quite long in size but has very short, plastic bristles that look like they wouldn’t really do a lot. However, because of the minuteness of them, it really helps when applying as the bristles really do cling to all of the lashes, even the smaller, harder to reach ones.  I’m getting all-technical now, but because of the space between each bristle, it enables you to separate the lashes easily, creating the much coveted, wide-eyed look.

You don’t need copious amounts of product either; two coats give the Bambi effect, and it really does lift the lashes- giving you intense volume. Simply wiggle through from root to tip, and you’re away!  Apply quickly though- it dries at mega watt speed. This means, it will clump if you apply three coats- so don’t get greedy. Its also smudge proof- mascaras nearly ALWAYS smudge on me, but this stays in place without those telltale black marks. Plus, the staying power is great; the curl remains lifted all day.

My only gripe is towards the end of the day it becomes a tad flakey, which is a little annoying. But, due to the other fabulous plus points, I think I can let that slide. A great value mascara, with high-end properties. Give this a go!

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