The best liquid lipsticks from the drugstore


Liquid lipsticks are really coming into their own this year. Everywhere I turn, every make-up brand has their own take on this trend- there are literally millions of offerings to choose from.  They have of course, been made even more popular due to the arrival of the Kylie Lip Kits. Damn that Kylie Jenner effect! As an eternal fan of the matte lip, I have always enjoyed this trend, and have experimented with many of them whilst on my makeup travels. So, I have rounded up my best discoveries from the drugstore, as I always feel its best to play about with these fads using drugstore gems before you invest in the higher end versions, just incase you don’t like it.

First up, is Martha Moo from Tanya Burr’s cosmetic line. Now, I want to state that I didn’t want to like this. No disrespect to Tanya at all, she’s achieved so much obvs, but I tend to only really head towards brands as opposed to blogger/celeb offerings. 

However, I have heard a real buzz around this particular shade and was itching to give it a go, despite my reservations. The frosted glass tube is actually quite plush and the doe foot applicator makes this idiot proof to apply. Its really lightweight in texture, disperses well, yet is really pigmented. It takes a good two minutes to dry though which is a bit of a bind, but once its set, it doesn’t budge, and the rose pink with blue undertone colour is really flattering and bright- it’s a striking shade that is still natural and looks good in pictures. I was pleasantly surprised.

Next up, we have the Matte Me lip lacquers by Sleek. I personally am LOVING this unique shade Velvet Slippers. As always, Sleek’s packaging is simple, chic and bold. This shade is a mauve toned colour, which stands out on the lips and gives a very striking, kylie-esque look. It’s weightless in texture, buildable and doesn’t crack at all. This doesn’t dry my pout out like many liquid lipsticks, and the texture is smooth and creamy. Great value for under a fiver and I feel you can really trust in Sleek- the brand is loved by professional makeup artists and gives truly fabulous results; so its a given that anything from this line is always going to be good. I love this product though- its a fab, modern shade that's great for a night out.

I’ve spoken about my love for NYX Abu Dhabi in my June Favourites post here so I wont ramble on, but I have to say this is an ongoing love affair, as I reach for this beauty most days. Its smaller in size than the others in my select, but a little goes a long way. This stunning pinky nude is just so wearable; very natural yet still a stand out shade that would suit anyone. Plus, it smells delightful and is a little more moisturising than the others.

Lastly, if you are on the hunt for a sexy rouge lip, look no further than Reckless Red by MUA Luxe. MUA Luxe is the more professional big sister to the original MUA range; the packaging is a little swankier in appearance. This rich red is blue toned, so will make your teeth look uber white. I would ensure the rest of your makeup is pretty simple, as this shade really will take centre stage on your face. Out of the lot, this is the most pigmented, and is blooming hard to remove, but that’s good if you have a night of eating and drinking ahead of you. It smells gorgeous, but dries in seconds once it hits your lips, so don’t faff when applying. And its just £3. You can’t go wrong really with that can you?

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