Rimmel In Shower Self Tan Review


I am a woman on the go. We all are. I’m often rushing around, and I’m honestly not complaining- it’s a blessing to be busy.  However, when life gets really manic, certain chores that need to be done are even more of a bind because of the time they take. One of those chores (ok, not a chore, but an activity that is agg) is applying fake tan. I HATE APPLYING IT. One, I’m rubbish at it, and two, it takes forever. Even though I have now swapped mousse for gradual tan, it’s still the most irritating part of my beauty regime and I detest doing it every Monday evening (my tanning day FYI.)

Last year, the people at ST Tropez were the very first brand to bring out their tan in shower lotion. I tried it, and although it was an ingenious idea, it was the whole, applying it to wet skin, then having to wait three minutes shivering in the nude before I could wash it off that did my head in. Plus, it wasn’t quite strong enough for me either- it was a little light.

However, the clever guys at Rimmel have their own offering- Sunshimmer In Shower Self Tan. and I have to say, I prefer this marvelous little product.

I have to be honest, it’s WAY easier to use. Jump in the shower, do your business, then apply the lotion (its coffee coloured, so you can see where you are putting it) to the skin, and you can wash it off immediately. As you wash it off, you will notice that tiny bubbles appear on your skin, which act as a kind of waterproofing mechanism. It doesn’t really rinse off as such, and you do feel a bit greasy afterward. All you have to do once you get out of the shower is gently blot your skin with a towel, as opposed to rubbing yourself dry.

The tan slowly develops (I usually apply before bed) and the next day, I wake up with a really delightful, natural warm toned brown. It doesn’t streak either! The trick to building up the tan is to use it daily, which will increase the density of the sort of brown you want to go.

It lasted well, didn’t become patchy and is so simple to use. It performs just as well, if not better than the ST Tropez version. One thing I will state however is for Pete’s sake; make sure you are careful in the bath/shower as you are applying it. The formula is a little greasy and you don’t want to slip over and injure yourself. Bare that in mind!

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