Non-Beauty June Favourites


I thought I would write a bit of a random post about my favourite things this month that aren’t beauty related. I have made some marvelous new discoveries throughout the duration of June, and I can’t wait to share them!

First up, can we just talk about Love Island? I know it’s a tad pointless discussing it really as it will finally end on Sunday, but OMG how amazing has it been?!! The concept is so simple- a bunch of attractive people in a luxurious villa; with the notion they will all couple up and find lurrrrrrve. Genius! I personally think Scott and Kady will win… but who knows! As long as its not Terry and his bit of fluff. Sorry, but he is a disgrace to mankind. Poor Mallin!

I have been having SO MUCH fun with this adorable Polaroid snap camera. I know we are a nation of IPhone addicts, but there is something so wonderful about capturing a moment on camera, and actually waiting for it to print! I love how the snap version is a lot smaller than the original Polaroid offering- its a great pocket size that would fit perfectly into any clutch bag. Plus, it’s SO easy to use, and the photographs are the loveliest things to keep. I’ve decided I’m going to put a selection of them into a frame for my living room. The pink colour is exclusive to QVC- and fab for any stylish gal.

I always try to eat healthily, but it never really works to be perfectly honest…I find snacking the hardest thing to curb. All I really want to do is gobble up a bar of Galaxy, but sadly I can’t do this everyday.  The struggle is real! I have always loved the Proper Corn range, but I tried the Smooth Peanut and Almond the other day and MY GOD. I cannot even begin to describe how totally Moorish these are. Like seriously.  They are so buttery and sumptuous, with only 120 calories per pack. Suitable for vegans, they are the perfect light snack. I’m addicted!

I received these earphones from Happy Plugs in a goody bag last month, and I actually now prefer them to my iPhone pair. The sound quality is excellent obviously, but it’s more about how they look. I love the metallic gold colour; how stylish! And the ear buds fit in your ears expertly snugly- they just feel comfortable. A weird item to describe, (apologies) but if you are looking for a new pair of headphones, these are just grand.

Lastly, its sale season. I know sales take place throughout the year, but I always get the most excited about the summer ones as I think the selections are just much more vast. Plus the offerings are always more colourful, and as a chameleon kind of gal, I just cant stop browsing! I brought this  gorgeous blouse and boho bag in Zara last week- I cant find the link to the bag sadly, but the top was only £12.99, and showcases fabulous rustic shades, and is super floaty and gypsy-like. My tip for sales (particularly Zara) is always go into store as well as online as there are always bargains tucked away that aren’t even listed!

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