June Favourites


In case you wasn't aware, It’s July. We are over half way through the year now, which is becoming scarier by the minute. However, the start of a new month as you know, brings reflection of the month passed, which brings me to June favourites. I have quite a few, so you may want to grab a cuppa before you continue!

First up, I switched up my skincare slightly this month. I ran out of my Soap and Glory For Daily Youth face wash,  and when I went to repurchase, there was none left on the shelf, only the 3 in 1 Vitamin C  wash. So I picked it up, and a marvelous thing happened; I actually now prefer this…

This fruity, blue, gel-like substance comes in a blooming massive 350ml bottle, which, given its squeezy properties, is so easy to disperse. The face wash contains the tiniest pink beads that burst gently on the skin as your wash your face. It really is the most fabulous sensation! They contain jojoba, which softens and replenishes. It foams really quickly too, ensuring all your slap comes off in a jiffy. Plus, its only £8! Bargain.

The Kate Moss Rimmell lipsticks have cult status now as a truly brilliant drugstore lipstick. I’ve tried most of them, but surprisingly never the much-coveted nude collection. I picked up shade 43 the other day, and I’m obsessed with it. The formulas of these lipsticks are lasting finish, meaning they aren’t actually matte, but are designed to last for a lengthy duration.  I love the peach bullet initially, as simple as it sounds it just looks pleasant. I would categorise the colour as a warm brown, with peach undertones. It is highly pigmented and gives a gorgeous terracotta colour to the lips once applied. It’s hydrating and gives your pout a great sheen.

An enormously impressive NYX counter has arrived in my local Boots and I have raided it more times than I would care to admit. I, like a huge proportion of the beauty world, are crazy about the lip creams. These have been hailed as the Kylie Jenner lip kit dupes, but at a fraction of the cost. Everyone is obsessed with Abu Dhabi as its been hailed as the ‘perfect 90’s nude’. It took a fair few attempts to get my hands on this shade, and now I can see why it’s an instant sell out. The lip creams are so unique; in they are neither a gloss, nor a lipstick. I would describe it purely as a lipstick cream. It simply glides over the lips, with a great, bold pigmentation, and dries matte, despite being incredibly lightweight. This shade is so flattering. Its brown toned with a slight pink undertone. It’s so velvety, but gives your lips a real statement look.

Everyone loves micellar water. They are the new face wipes. I love the original Garnier offering, but was attracted to the new oil infused version, as you know, I don’t really have that many skincare products. (NOT)
This really does offer a slight twist on the original, in that, being infused with oils, it feels that little more nourishing when applied to the skin- it kind of makes your makeup dissolve even quicker if you can believe it. It smells sumptuous too- fruity but not overpowering. Plus, even though it’s technically oily, you don’t get any everlasting residue once you’ve wiped everything off. It’s the nuts!

This Manuka Honey serum is just so darn good. I only use it in the morning, as I use so many products as part of my routine; I don’t like to overdo it. It’s infused with Collidal gold, which helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. I personally love how it feels like my skin has been tightened once I’ve applied it, which is obviously due to the all important bee venom ingredient. I can see why its called ‘photo ready’ as my make up looks much fresher when this is used as a base. And, Kourtney Kardashian uses it. Nuff said.

Rose Gold is just the prettiest metal ever, and as I’m a bit of a basic (not really, but you know what I mean) I fell in love with this blusher brush by Revolution the moment I clapped eyes on it. It’s so pretty to look at (shallow, me? Never!) and the delicately shaped bristles are super soft and angled, meaning its fab for both contouring and applying blush in a precise manner. A good quality tool, with an excellent price point.

I like contouring, but I don’t do it everyday. However, I have been embracing it a bit more of late, but I don’t want to go all Kimmy K about it. Plus, It sounds too difficult to tackle! Fear not though, Barry M Chisel Cheeks  is a really handy little palette that even has a step by step guide on how to apply encased in the lid. The highlighter, bronzer, and contour shades are all matte, and impressively pigmented. The textures are soft and slightly buttery, meaning they are easy to blend out once applied. I would go easy if you aren’t a professional though, as they are quite pigmented. Use an angled brush and gently does it! I’ve used it a lot lately and I find it full-proof, great quality and the shades are all slightly grey toned so they appear very flattering on all skins.

Lastly, as it has basically been rain season here in the UK, I have been reaching for a bit of tan to give my sallow skin some goddam warmth. This Dove gradual tan moisturiser is sooooo simple to use. The creamy formula absorbs into the skin quickly, leaves a lovely citrus scent in its wake (NOT biscuits) and if I use this overnight, I find I still wash it off the next day, and it leaves a lovely natural bronze colour. If you want a tan like Terry from Love Island though, I would suggest using it a couple of days in a row. Make sure you wash hands as it does stain if left. It is long lasting too- I only use it about twice a week; it really is as simple as that. Anything for a fuss-free life!

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