Contour the easy way, with Sleek Cream Contour Kit


Contouring has always divided opinions in the beauty world. Is it too much? A necessity? Or just a pain in the neck?
I’ve always found it be the latter. Ok, so when Kim Kardashian’s make-up artist performs this technique, it looks good. But when Laura from Kent has a go? Not quite the same…

However, something I have discovered, is that cream contour isn’t as harsh on the skin as powder, and gives more natural results. The Sleek Cream Contour Kit has been hailed as a more affordable dupe to the famous Anastasia version. I haven’t tried it the Anastasia offering, but Sleek are renown for inexpensive yet still great quality products, so trying this bad boy has always been top of my list.

First up, the packaging is chic; classic black with a handy large mirror incased in the lid. There are 6 shades- four contouring colours and two lighter highlighters.
Now, the first thing I noticed about these, is the texture. They are velvety and not too opaque, which instantly eases the non-pro make up kinda gal like myself. It also comes with an idiot-proof leaflet on how to  contour, which is actually very useful and tres informative.

So, I suggest that you have a bit of test when you use this- don’t just expect to whack it on and go; you need to try them properly- blend, blend, blend and blend some more. I used the lightest shade underneath my eyes and down the bridge of my nose to make it look a bit smaller, and the variations of darker shades on my cheeks, and on my temples to streamline my face. I would suggest using a soft angular brush. When you first apply the product, you will feel a little stripy and weird, like you have had your face painted at a craft fair. However, once you blend everything in, you are left with a chiseled kind of look, which give's your face much more definition.

Now I’m older, I try to favour the natural make up rule, so I used the light kit, but they are available in three shades- dark and medium. I would use those if you are more comfortable in the art of contouring as they are much more pigmented. I have to say though; I’m really impressed with this kit! It gives a lovely seamless finish. The product itself is soft and buttery to touch and buildable without clogging if you are after a more defined feel to your overall face. Does it make a difference to your make up? Yes- I feel it makes you look much more polished, and professional. Contouring is very of the time- the Kardashian style of makeup. However, if you want to contour without looking overdone, try this kit in light. Its great quality, not too harsh and won’t break the bank :)

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