The Scents of Summer!


Its summer! Well, its warmer than usual, and we are now in the month of June, so I would say, its kind of official now don’t you think?

When the sun comes out, my whole beauty regime tends to transition; gone are the heady perfumes of the winter, and the cakey body lotions. In comes fresh, fruity smells that make me long for a holiday and reminisce on the sunny months from years before. This collection of products personifies the summer for me- the scents alone make me feel like I’m about to jet off to a deserted beach (if only)
First up is an old favourite that returns year after year- the one and only Bronze Goddess perfume by Estee Lauder. Each year, this beauty is available for a limited time only; which only reinforces a manic dash to stock up. Once its gone, its gone, so you really must not leave it too late before you purchase, as you will be left severely disappointed- its popularity is off the scale! It really is the most sumptuous, delicious of scents. 
Its been described as ‘Summer in a bottle’ numerous times, and I completely identify with that statement! A mix of vanilla, sandalwood, jasmine and coconut, its very citrus-y, and the sandalwood and coconut top notes gives it a spicy richness. A lot of people mention it reminds them of suntan lotion, but I think it’s more like a Pina Colada in a bottle to be honest. I spray this liberally and I just feel like I’m basking in sunshine! Weird I know. The bottle design also differentiates year after year- 2016's offering is encased in a transparent bottle with an ombre, peach coloured finish, and a lux gold lid. If I could purchase this all year round I really would…

We all know the pros of using coconut oil; its one of those natural ingredients that is beneficial for millions of reasons. Everyone uses coconut oil in a different way- cooking, moisturiser; you name it! I use this huge tub by Groovy Food, which I got from Waitrose. 
I slather this on my body as a deep moisturising treatment after I have had a bath. I apply before bed, and the next day, my skin is like a baby’s! I occasionally add it to a wet cotton pad, and remove my make-up with it. Its super cheap, and also is the most refreshing, Moorish smell I think there is. Plus it’s from the earth. Can’t say fairer than that can you?

Lip balm is often a skincare item that tends to be forgotten, but it’s one of the cheapest beauty products you can buy, and so worth investing in. I love this Shea lip butter from the The Body Shop
This teeny little pot holds the most creamy, buttery balm ever-, which smells lightly of suntan cream. It quickly hydrates and keeps my lips in tiptop condition. Sometimes I even just give it a quick whiff without applying it, just because I adore the scent that much! Handy to take on holiday in your beach bag too.

Lastly, I spoke about this Pinita Colada body sorbet last week in my May Favourites post, so I wont drone on too much. I have been using tis religiously since I purchased it, and I think this really is the epitome of a product that just screams summer. 
The light cream absorbs into the skin, making your whole body smell pleasantly of the delicious cocktail. It’s just the most refreshing, beautiful scent that lingers on the skin for a good few hours. If I didn’t know better, I would think you could drink it!

Now I'm lusting after after faraway shores! Excuse me whilst I go and daydream....

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