The Gold Eye Look made easy!


Everyone loves the smoky eye for a night out. But my personal favourite eye shadow effect is one that my very dear friend Carly first introduced me to- The Gold Wash. The Gold Wash is much more low maintenance than the smoky; great for the daytime and you still arguably look just as glam!

In the mornings, getting ready is such a rush, and lately I have been reaching for this fabulous crayon by NYX- The Jumbo Eye Pencil in Pure Gold.

This rustic shade really does have the Midas touch; it is super pigmented, with the faintest shimmer particles, and gives a lovely, metallic finish when applied. Use all over your lid, or simply line your peepers for a more subtle look.

The colour payout gives an opaque consistency, which is super creamy and blend able due to being enriched with mineral oils. They do crease a little, so I would recommend using a primer for a longer lasting result.

 But, as a to-go-to product, this is so easy to use, and affordable, like all NYX products. It also works great as an eye shadow base- simply apply your eye shadow, and add this over the top for a bolder evening look, which adds a bit of pizzazz!

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