The budget product used by Kim Kardashian.....


Whenever a celeb with great skin mentions a product that is inexpensive, everyone goes nuts. And I am no exception. Its fickle, but a pretty standard reaction if you are a beaut-mad person like myself. When I spotted Kim K snapchatting her incredibly high-end skincare routine, obviously I was interested; but Crème de la Mer face cream at £200 a pop is a bit out of my price range… However, Kim revealed before she smothers herself in the most decadent of cream, she exfoliates with Kiko Scrub and Peel wipes. 

I instantly sat up and thought, right! If it’s good enough for KK, it’s good enough for LS!

Kim went on to ensure her fans that this is not a sponsored mention; she genuinely is ‘obsessed’ with them. I trotted straight to the Bluewater store and promptly purchased two packs.

The packaging is ever so slightly different to the US product Kim shared, but I have been told the UK packaging is the updated version.

I used these to remove my make-up, and I have to say, they are excellent. The wipes are dual sided; one side has an abrasive texture which you use to exfoliate, and once you have completed that, gently wipe over the buffed skin using the smooth side.

They are really quite strong, so it’s vital to remember that you should only use them no more than twice a week, as its quite hard on the skin. Try to be softly handed as these really do SCRUB. My skin was quite red afterwards, but once it had calmed down, my goodness it felt so unbelievably soft! My moisturiser simply glided on effortlessly. I felt my skins overall appearance was extra glowing the next day; I can see why they are admired! I’m genuinely looking forward for the next time I will be using them! You can buy these wipes from Kiko for £5.90, for a pack of 20. Anything Kim can do…….

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